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Recently I canceled all five of my magazine subscriptions. I have two young sons and we home school. The magazines piling up from lack of reading time was causing too much stress. All that wasted paper! Then I received my last issue of MOTHER and realized what a mistake I had made! The article about attracting moths has turned into plans for a summer learning project. We have ordered our 'Yokohama' squash seeds as well as made the pea picks for our home school garden. The Boggy Creek Farm books are on their way for more gardening and local-food-security education. Oops! This is one magazine in which I find too much useful info. I am now moving to the subscription page! Thanks for a great issue to bring me back so swiftly!


Hannawa Falls, New York

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Title Annotation:dear Mother
Author:Schechter, Paula Youmell
Publication:Mother Earth News
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Apr 1, 2005
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