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Oops! Can I do it again? Embarrassing boy moment? We all have them! Here's how to save face ... and your romance.

You've been crushin' on Jonathan forever--and he finally plops his tray down at your lunch table. You guys hit it off like cah-razy. Jonathan's not only gorgeous, he's hilarious--which is all good, until you laugh so hard at his joke that milk explodes from your nose with monster-truck force.

So how do you deal with white-hot humiliation? You could move to Siberia. Or wear a bag over your head for the rest of the year. But better yet--get a grip!


CRUSH CRISIS During a way-dreamy stroll in the moonlight with your new guy Jesse, you suffer a brain blip and call him Sean--your ex-BF's name!

SMART SOLUTION Best-case scenario: He doesn't catch it, and you can thank your lucky stars for the wax in his ears. Just zip your lip, and keep diggin' that sweet walk. Another possibility: Jesse might act like he didn't hear it, but he really did--maybe he gives you a funny sideways look but doesn't say anything. If so, no apologies. Just wait a few secs, then pay Jesse a super compliment: "You are such a great guy. I have the best time with you!" This is a surefire strategy for showing Jesse he's the only guy for you.

Now, the sticky stuff. If Jesse says, "Hey, would you rather be hangin' with your ex?" answer honestly: "No way! I'm sorry, I totally didn't mean it." Then drop it, and steer the convo to Jesse's winning basket at last night's game.


CRUSH CRISIS The Girls' Choice Dance is next week. You muster mega-courage, march up to Sam's locker, and invite him. He says "no."

SMART SOLUTION If Sam nicely passes with an explanation--he already has a date or will be out of town that weekend--no harm, no foul. Just say, "OK, cool, thanks anyway. See ya," and walk away. If Sam is a weasel-laughs or acts grossed out--stand up to him like the stunning babe you are. Look him in the eye and sweetly reply, "Your loss," before striding off.


CRUSH CRISIS You "accidentally" run into Tim in the hall, tell his buds you like him, even call his house and hang up. Now, he's totally terrified of you.

SMART SOLUTION Acting overly eager almost never works. Still, some girls get so caught up in the fun of crushing that it turns all Swimfan. Your only bet? Go cold turkey this minute. Throw yourself into class, buds, the school play--whatever takes your mind off Tim. After a Total Tim Diet, you might lose interest. If you still vibe on him down the line, let him see you've truly chilled--then let him make any moves toward you.


CRUSH CRISIS You and your BF Matt are cozy in front of Fear Factor, when something really scary happens--you fart.

SMART SOLUTION If you pass a teeny bit of gas, play it off. Don't say or do anything to call attention to it, and Matt might not even notice. If there's no disguising it, you have a powerful secret weapon--your rockin' sense of humor. Stand up and take a bow, or say, "Your turn." Or simply burst out laughing. By laughing at it, and not diving under the couch all red-faced, you show him you're a way-good sport. Guys love that!
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Date:Oct 1, 2005
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