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1745: The Jacobites, under the Young Pretender, occupied Edinburgh. 1787: Some 39 delegates (out of 42), under the chairmanship of George Washington, approved the Constitution of the United States of America. 1827: Wides in cricket were first scored in the Sussex v Kent game at Brighton. 1908: Lt Thomas Selfridge of the US Army Signal Corps was killed in a plane crash in Fort Meyer, Virginia. Pilot Orville Wright was also seriously injured. Selfridge was the world's first military aviation fatality.

1931: Long-playing records (33rpm) were demonstrated in New York by RCA-Victor, but the venture failed because of the high price of the players, and the first real microgroove records did not appear until 1948. 1944: The British airborne invasion of Arnhem and Eindhoven in the Netherlands began as part of Operation Market Garden.

1944: Blackout regulations were lifted to allow lights on buses, trains and at railway stations for the first time for five years.

ON THIS DAY LAST YEAR: The coalition Government announced its plans to legislate for same-sex marriages before the next general election.
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