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1637: The first Poet Laureate, Ben Jonson, died in poverty. 1844: The first press telegram in Britain was sent to The Times, announcing the birth of Prince Alfred to Queen Victoria.

1881: Alexander Fleming, Scottish bacteriologist, who discovered penicillin, was born. 1889: The Savoy Hotel in London was opened. 1890: Murderer Walter Kemmler was the first man to die in the electric chair - at Auburn Prison, New York. 1931: Bix Beiderbecke, legendary jazz trumpeter, died, aged 28, from a combination of pneumonia and alcoholism.

1932: The first film festival was held in the Hotel Excelsior, Venice. 1945: The first atomic bomb was dropped, on Hiroshima, Japan, from a B29 bomber called Enola Gay.

1962: Jamaica gained independence after being a British colony for more than 300 years.
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Date:Aug 6, 2012
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