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Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre. (Funding).


Research fellowships to support new researchers in the study of problem gambling. Awards are: Masters $15,000, Doctoral $17,500, Post-doctoral $35,000.

Anne-Marie Cantwell, a PhD candidate in the Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition at the University of Guelph. For `Gambling behaviours among university students: Does problem gambling resemble other risk-taking behaviours?' which will examine risk taking among students including substance use, dangerous driving, delinquency and sexual promiscuity, and how these activities may correlate to problem gambling.

Melissa C. Hobbs, PhD candidate in Adult Clinical Psychology, University of Windsor. For `Gambling: A Multicultural Perspective' that will focus specifically on gambling in Windsor's multicultural society which will build on previous studies examining gambling with the Jewish and South East Asian communities in Windsor. She will also look at how Windsor residents in general view gambling, particularly since the opening of the Windsor Casino in 1995.

Matthew Young, Masters candidate, Psychology, Carleton University in Ottawa. To develop and evaluate a questionnaire designed to predict investment behaviour in a computerized stock market simulation task, as well as a computerized slot machine simulation. This study will build on a pilot study currently underway that is studying the psychology of stock market gambling.

Gina Bulcke, PhD candidate, Social Work, University of Pittsburgh. For `Identifying Barriers to Treatment Among Women Gamblers' which will focus on the consequences of problem gambling for Ontario women, and the barriers that prevent them from seeking treatment.

Sharon Jeyakumar, PhD candidate, Clinical Psychology, University of Windsor. To test two new ways of measuring a person's level of awareness regarding their gambling and the judgements they make related to gambling. The candidate will also determine whether these new measures can predict a person's readiness to change their gambling practices.

Darrel Manitowabi, PhD candidate, Anthropology, University of Toronto. For `The holistic impact of gambling at the community level: a Casino Rama Case Study', will look at the broad impact of Casino Rama on the First Nations community and compare findings with similar scenarios in the United States.

Jun Li, Post-doctoral Fellowship, University of Toronto. For a study that focuses on women's gambling beliefs and activities, and the impact on their family life and child rearing practice, including women gamblers in general and minority women gamblers.
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Date:Sep 16, 2002
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