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Ontario CASs testing new IT system.

Ontario's Children's Aid Societies will test a new integrated information technology system early in 2007.

Working with the Ontario Association of Children's Aid, IBM and Curam Software are developing a Web-based system to improve efficiency and information sharing among child welfare agencies in the province.

"Currently, case workers must deal with information coming from a variety of sources and systems, much of it on paper," said Jeanette Lewis, Executive Director of the Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies.

"With the new system, Children's Aid Societies will be able to get information more quickly; and more easily track, report and transfer cases, enhancing their ability to provide better protection for children."

The new system alms to provide fully integrated case management support, enabling case workers to share information and apply common processes such as eligibility screening.

The OCAS plans to test the system in three children's aid society agencies with a total of 500 end users. When tests are completed, the case management system will be made available to approximately 4,500 case workers across the province.

IBM has identified common practices among member societies and the company IBM will provide project and application management, business transformation, helpdesk and hosting services. Curam Software is a Dublin-based company that specializes in software for health and social welfare programs.
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Date:Nov 20, 2006
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