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Onsite Wastewater Systems Education.



After attending these sessions, you will be able to:

* evaluate the latest technological advances in onsite wastewater systems (OSWS)

* identify successful examples of community onsite management programs

* develop strategies for guaranteeing maintenance of OSWS

* understand how soil types affect OSWS efficiencies

Onsite Wastewater Systems EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM

Monday, May 10


The State of the Industry

Richard J. Otis, Ph.D., P.E., D.E.E., Vice President, Applied Technologies, Ayres Associates, Madison, WI


Managing Decentralized Wastewater Systems in Florida

Kevin Sherman, Ph.D., Executive Director, Florida Onsite Wastewater Association, Lake Alfred, FL


NOWRA's Model Performance Code: Progress Report

Speaker TBA


NEHA's Installer Credential Project

Christl Pokorney, OSWS Project Coordinator, Research & Development, NEHA, Denver, CO

Tuesday, May 11


Wastewater Treatment and Dispersal in Soil

E. Jerry Tyler, Ph.D., Professor, Soil Science, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI


Wastewater Collection and Disposal Alternatives in the National Park Service Backcountry

John Leffel, M.P.H., R.E.H.S., Alaska Public Health Consultant, USPHS/National Park Service, Seattle, WA


USEPA Strategies in Onsite/Decentralized Wastewater Infrastructure

Robert Rubin, Ph.D., Professor, North Carolina State University (NCSU), Raleigh, NC; and Joyce Hudson, Senior Environmental Engineer, Office of Wastewater Management, USEPA, Washington, DC


Rural Community Assistance Corporation Projects in Alaska

Roland Shanks, Rural Development Specialist, Rural Community Assistance Corporation, Anchorage, AK


Review of Denitrifying Technology Assessment from La Pine (Oregon) Demonstration

Barbara Rich, R.E.H.S., La Pine Project Coordinator, Deschutes County, Bend, OR

Wednesday, May 12


A Project to Define and Refine Operation, Maintenance and Monitoring of Onsite/Decentralized Wastewater Systems

Bruce Lesikar, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Extension Specialist, Associate Department Head & Extension Program Leader, Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering, Texas A & M University, College Station, TX; David L. Lindbo, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Soil Science, NCSU, Raleigh, NC; Nancy Deal, M.S., R.S., Extension Associate, Soil Science, NCSU, Plymouth, NC; David Gustafson, Ph.D., Extension Educator, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN; George Loomis, Ph.D., Research Associate IV, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI; and Jerry Stonebridge, President, Stonebridge Construction, Freeland, WA


Innovative Wastewater Management Projects

James Carroll, P.E., State Engineer, Rural Utilities Services, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Des Moines, IA


Update on California Onsite Regulations

Kenneth C. Stuart, M.S.E.H., R.E.H.S., Director of EH, Contra Costa County Health Services, Concord, CA


Tabletop Exercise: Issues Facing EH Practitioners in Onsite Wastewater

Richard J. Gelting, Ph.D., P.E., Environmental Engineer and Michael Herring, R.E.H.S., M.P.H., EH Scientist, Division of Emergency and EH Services, NCEH/CDC, Atlanta, GA

If you are an Onsite Wastewater Systems Specialist, you may register for just these sessions as their own conference at a lower rate. See for the separate brochure and registration form.

E. Jerry Tyler


NEHA is pleased to welcome E. Jerry Tyler, Ph.D., back to the Onsite Wastewater Systems program for a 2-hour session on soils. Dr. Tyler is a Professor of Soil Science at the University of Wisconsin, Director of the Small Scale Waste Management Project, Chair of NOWRA's Model Code "Soils" subcommittee, a preeminent authority on soil-based wastewater treatment systems, and a delightful speaker.
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