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Only third of staff at Welsh Assembly have confidence in its management; BUT SURVEY FOUND MAJORITY WERE PROUD TO WORK THERE.


ONLY just over a third of staff at the Welsh Assembly Government have "confidence" in senior management, research shows.

A survey commissioned by WAG reveals only a "favourable" rating of 37% when staff were asked to rate their overall confidence in the senior civil service - after being given a range of response options from strongly agree to strongly disagree.

And when asked if they believed that WAG was well managed only 36% in the staff survey, carried out by Orc International, gave a favourable (those strongly agreeing and agreeing combined) response.

As well as seeking views on the senior management team (senior civil service), the staff survey for 2009 gauged views on areas such as work/life balance and equality and diversity at work.

In a section on senior management, staff at WAG, which employs just over 6,000, were asked: "Overall, I have confidence in the senior civil service within the organisation".

Only 3% strongly agreed and 34% agreed - giving an overall rounded up favourable rating of 37%. Some 37% neither agreed nor disagreed, while 20% disagreed and 6% strongly disagreed.

Staff were also asked if they had confidence in the management of their particular department.

The combined strongly agree and agree response was 47%.

On the organisation being well-managed, only 2% strongly agreed with 34% agreeing. Some 25% disagreed, while 6% strongly disagreed. A third (33%) neither agreed or disagreed with the question. The survey also asked if WAG's Strategic Delivery and Performance Board had a "clear vision for the future of the organisation".

The board was set up to provide corporate strategic direction for the WAG and is tasked with delivering the "highest quality support" for the Cabinet and its committees.

Only 2% strongly agreed that it had a clear vision for the future, while 30% agreed. 15% disagreed and 4% strongly disagreed.

And just 32% responded positively when asked if they generally thought that different parts of WAG work well together, while only 34% agreed that poor performance was effectively dealt with.

However, in other areas of the survey, responses were more positive. There was a favourable rating of 72% when staff were asked if they would recommend WAG as a good place to work.

There was also a favourable rating of 64% when respondents were asked if they were "proud" to work for WAG.

When asked if earnings were fair, considering duties and responsibilities, the favourable rating was 64%.

A 77% favourable rating was given to the question: "I am able to achieve a balance between my work and life outside."

35% said they worked on average five hours a week above "conditioned hours". For those working over 10 hours in excess the response rate was 9%.

A spokesman for WAG's Permanent Secretary Dame Gillian Morgan said: "The annual staff survey provides the organisation with a very important snapshot of what is going well and, importantly, what areas need to be improved.

"Of the 43 questions that are directly comparable with last year, our performance has improved in 40 of them.

"Perhaps most significant is the rise in the employee engagement score, with nearly three-quarters of respondents reporting positively on levels of staff morale, motivation and commitment to the organisation.

"Some 25% of respondents disagreed (or strongly disagreed) when asked if they had confidence in the senior civil service.

"We are clearly looking at this result together with the full survey breakdown to ensure we continue to address issues and deliver improvements in all areas of the organisation."


WAG's Permanent Secretary Dame Gillian Morgan says the survey provides a vital snapshot
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Title Annotation:Business
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Aug 25, 2010
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