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Only Westminster can save Wales; & COMMENT DEBATE.

* SIR - The cost of running the Welsh Assembly is very high and we have to ask the question "to what advantage"? It was created with 25% voting No and 25% plus a few hundred voting Yes and more than 49% not voting. We then had a referendum this spring to give the Assembly law-making powers.

This was an absolute disaster with only 22% voting Yes and 15% voting No. This meant that more than 60% did not vote and although the Assembly elected members had been hibernating during the campaign they did turn up when the result was declared and claim it was a very convincing Yes vote.

More than 60% did not vote and since then I have interviewed a large number of people who said that they did not bother to vote and I have come to the conclusion that had voting been compulsory the No camp would have won by over 60% as would have happened when the Assembly was created 12 years ago.

Why should we have to tolerate a Welsh Assembly that the majority did not vote for and do not want? If it was a success I would not mind, but it is an absolute disaster compared to other regions of the UK.

The standard of living of the Welsh people is lower than other regions, education, health service, road building and repair have all deteriorated since we have had the Assembly and is not improving since the May election and no visible activity has been seen in Cardiff Bay.

There are more young people in Wales not in employment, school or further education than in any other region. Carwyn Jones is revolving round making contradicting statements about the proposed electricity wind generating proposal. Is he for or against? Bring back Rhodri Morgan, all is forgiven.

We all know that the ambition of most of the Assembly members is to break away from England, which they are proposing to do in Scotland.

The fear is that when we have had a referendum recently we have had a low turnout and the result has not been the wish of the majority and not in the interest of the people.

Unless the government bring in compulsory voting as they do in Australia or a fine if they do not vote, Scotland will have home rule and this later will be followed by Northern Ireland and Wales.

The wealth of the UK is in the City of London and we are living off the crumbs that fall off the English table. The Welsh Assembly has seen the standard of living of the people fall, under home rule this will only accelerate and I do not want this to happen. The writing is on the wall and only the Westminster government can save us, but they must have our co-operation. SIR ERIC HOWELLS Narberth, Pembrokeshire
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
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Date:Jul 4, 2011
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