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Only 40pc of oil tankers upgraded so far.

Byline: Fawad Yousafzai

Islamabad -- Only five months are left in deadline given by Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) to Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) for upgradation of their oil tankers but so far only 40 percent of tankers have been upgraded. Out of the total 3,500 tank lorries required to be upgraded by October 2019 so far 1,416 has been upgraded, said official documents available with The Nation.

Ogra had set a deadline of October 2019 to upgrade their fleet for oil transportation and only five months are left to meet the deadline. After the deadline all non-compliant oil tankers to Ogra and NHA standards will be grounded. Ogra had also warned that after the deadline the OMCs will be responsible for accidents, in case of the involvement of non complaint tankers, and resulted casualties or damages. The report said that the attacks on complaint oil tankers have intensified and since the induction of complaint tank lorries there been around 20 deliberate attacks on PSO's complaint tank lorries by miscreant elements who belongs to transport union and are opposing fleet up gradation program. These attacks have not only caused physical damage to the tank Lorries but have led to a brutal murder of a tank lorry driver who was burnt to death. Despite lodging various FIRs against nominatd individuals, no concrete progress has been made to apprehend involved culprits.

The report said that as of 15th April 2019, total 1416 fully complaint oil tank lorries have been inducted into PSO cartage contractors at their fleet. Out of the total 1,236 belong to general contractors while 180 are from NLC. Besides 467 oil tankers are under manufacturing or committed, said the report. Of the commited or under manufacturing 247 oil tankers are of general contractors, while 226 belong to NLC. The report said that after the implementation of senate standing committee on petroleum's recommendation of maintaining single queue system the number of induction of complaint tank lorries was considerably decreased.

After the introduction of single queue the monthly average mileage of complaint tank lorry has dropped by 60% from 5184 km to now 1991 Km. Resultantly the cartage contractors have become recluctant to induct additional compTotal 3,500 tank lorries are required to be upgraded by October 2019laint fleet as they are getting required return on their investment by following single queue.

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Publication:The Nation (Karachi, Pakistan)
Date:Apr 27, 2019
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