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WE WROTE: Sadness has greeted the end of the mail sorting operation at the Royal Mail office on Cannon Park in Middlesbrough. YOU SAID: We''ll soon be sending letters by horse or post-chaise. Or perhaps carrier pigeon. Why could the Victorians do so much and we can do nothing? tripehound Why is a local sorting office so important if greater efficiencies can be made by having better staffed and better equipped centralised functions? It''s about time those working in the public sector understood that most important are the people they serve and not those who work in the service. Without the customer the business is nothing - this is well understood by the private sector but sadly is a view not understood by the public sector timetogetreal So you think it makes sense that a letter posted that is from one street in Middlesbrough to the next street should go all the way to Gateshead and back to be sorted? BHN6094 WE WROTE: Whatever happened to the Redcar whale bone? In May 2011, a 45ft-long male sperm whale, above, became a temporary tourist attraction after it beached at Redcar.

YOU SAID: It's a pity the council didn''t bury the vertical pier with it.

scott The Redcar whalebone, I've never heard of a more stupid idea since the Helter Skelter Tower. What will it signify? Whitby has a whalebone to show its history and links to whaling. Redcar's would signify something that died on the beach.

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Feb 28, 2013
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