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WE WROTE: COUNCIL executive Richard Fryer (pictured) walked away with a pounds 93,000 pay-off in the largest single redundancy settlement since local authorities began cutting costs last year, YOU SAID: pounds 93.000 after only two years! Redundancy is normally worked out at one-and-a-half weeks for every year worked. Bubba One rule for those at the top and one for the rest of us? Terry1965 How can service with another authority count towards redundancy costs? Daveyp Before comparing the redundancy payment to statutory redundancy should we not take into account what the employee would have been entitled to under the terms of their contract of employment? The guy could have been on a rolling three or five-year contract, in which case he could have been entitled to considerably more than the pounds 93,000 he was paid. BigSteve This would be no different in the private sector - the top earners leave with the bigger pay out. I know as I own my own company and if I got rid of some of my execs I would have to pay them a nice package. But they are earning every penny at the moment and my company would fail without them.

Wazza1 Well, as the Government tell us, we are all in this together (which actually means only those working and paying taxes - except the bosses and bankers whose pay has risen by 36% in the last year).

Bassdruid Check out the salaries of the local authority "top jobs" on the website, they are startling. I wonder if the redundancy consultations proposed reducing these salaries in order to avoid redundancies in lower paid jobs? Chrissy1 I did 30 years in demolition - with different companies, but they all did demolition work - so I should get some backdated redundancy. Oh well, I will dream on. After all, I am just an ordinary guy in the street. Jasper
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Jun 2, 2011
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