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WE WROTE: SIX children have been hit by paintballs after they were shot at from a vehicle as it raced around Marske and Redcar. The youngsters have been left bruised and paint-covered after they were targeted last Friday.

YOU SAID: What is wrong with these people? Anyone owning a paintball gun knows exactly how dangerous they are -so I don''t buy into the fact it could be a prank. It''s a down and out reckless attempt at trying to potentially blind someone -anyone -they don''t care. If they do manage to catch them they should be chargedwith intent to cause such injury. Someone knows who these idiots are and they need to do the responsible thing.

Captain_Cookie If they catch these dangerous idiots the punishment should fit the crime - a couple of undercoats and a gloss finish. And to do it from a car is sheer cowardice. Oggy I've been paintballing and it hurts when you get shot - split my finger open at close range. Aiming at kids is appalling. It should carry a similar charge to a drive-by shooting.

Weirdnwonderful All happened between 2pm and 9pm. Where were the police then? Six hours driving around in a noisy car and they still couldn''t find them. Now it''s Tuesday and they are appealing for witnesses. AlanM The mentality of some people never ceases to amaze me. The police may well catch them, someone will know who they are. They could have easily blinded a child, give them a taste of there own medicine - let the victims shoot paintballs at them, see how they like it. I have been paintballing and it hurts a lot and leaves some nasty marks on you. Candle Such idiots, they're going to spoil the sport of paintballing for the rest of us who play safely at an accredited site, while wearing protective gear. If the paintball had hit them in the eye, they could have been blinded, brain damaged or even dead as the paintball leaves the marker at around 300 feet per second (200mph). Estonlad What idiots and where did they get the paintball gun, can anyone buy them? Chez Our tweet of the day: Follow the Gazette on Twitter for regular news and traffic updates * Got a view on our stories? Tell us what you think on Twitter @eveninggazette TOP 3 MOST COMMENTED STORIES * Boro v Queens Park Rangers - Live match report * Complaints up for Cleveland Police officers * Nicky Bailey tells Boro team to restore pride Today's vote Should the West intervene militarily in Libya? Yes: 16.6% No: 83.4% ONLINE POLL: Are our courts too soft on violent crime? Join our online debate on:
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Mar 2, 2011
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