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WE WROTE: MARY Conwell of Normanby, who died in September 2008 at the grand old age of 95, has sent generous gifts from beyond the grave by leaving more than pounds 60,000 to two worthwhile causes in her will.

YOU SAID: This was done without the acceptance of thanks from a dear lady. Wonderful gesture.

Wakeywakey There are some decent people around and this dear old lady didn't want any thanks or to shout it from the rooftops, she just gave quietly in a wonderful Christian way. Abu57 If only the world had more people in it like Mary - and I don't just mean Mary's generosity but her humbleness in bequeathing after her death without thought for thanks or publicity. Dennis1 WE WROTE: BORO officials explained why a number of fans' banners - including a tribute to critically ill former star Gary Parkinson -have been removed from the Riverside. YOU SAID: How are they going to set on fire? We are not allowed to smoke in the ground or have flares. Does this mean we have to get all our clothes checked? I''m sure not a lot of them are fireproof. Boro_boy Football fans all over take banners home and away and they aren''t subject to fire safety regulations. RED_ARMY Which other banners were removed? Was it just the Parky 86 put up by the block 53a Red Faction? Kevmc33 It's a no smoking ground and they are away from any electrical or other device that could ignite them. Ccole To be fair, if someone did set fire to one and Bradford II kicked off, can you imagine the comments then? ThoughtfulCasual What about all the flag days at the Riverside when we were in the Premier League? Norskj The Riverside is a soulless concrete block and one of the worst looking stadiums in the country when it's full. It's depressing when it's more than half empty, but we had one bright spot - the colour added by all the banners and flags. AlfFisher Our tweet of the day: Are the young worse drivers than their older counterparts? Tell us what you think on Twitter @eveninggazette TOP 3 MOST COMMENTED STORIES Boyd's not in my league, says Bernie Slaven Gordon Strachan's gamble on Stephen McManus Tarmo Kink expects big things from Boro Today's vote Should British athletes go to the Commonwealth Games? Yes: 12% No: 88% ONLINE POLL: How much would you pay for a date with Jordan? Join our online debate on:
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Sep 23, 2010
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