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Online video offers a competitive edge.

Fueled by the need to stay competitive, companies are turning to online video as the solution to their knowledge transfer requirements.

Online video has the capability of reaching a globally dispersed workforce instantly, and outdated materials can be easily replaced with updated versions. Online video offers businesses the opportunity to supplement their live training efforts in a far more cost effective manner, and out-demand access allows viewers to watch at their convenience, without costly travel to remote training facilities.

Having a diversified portfolio of products or services can make it difficult for your sales force to highlight important features that set you apart from the competition. A library of on-demand videos for each product or service can be a helpful refresher prior to sales calls. This eliminates the need for repeated product training, resulting in a cost savings for the company. Additionally, these videos can be made available to customers and potential customers considering your products.

A leading maker of networking equipment uses streaming as a practical way to reach its many employees, both inside and outside the United States. The company realized early on that an organization-wide rich media communications plan could help the company meet its top objectives.

Since one of the missions of the webcasts is to ensure that sales engineers are trained on the company's latest product offerings, reaching each of them has the potential to have an impact on the bottom line Today, the company not only offers live and on-demand rich media versions of all of its broadcasts that employees can access online from anywhere, but also has significantly expanded its online video communications programs.

Interactive elements offered during live events--including polling, surveys and Q&A--allow employees to be active participants in the learning process.

They now produce hundreds of webcasts per year, including business updates, product launches and shareholder meetings--so that they are available for employees online The broad success of these webcasts has resulted in a more empowered and better informed international workforce

Keep on truckin'

For trucking companies, keeping up with new regulations and safety information is extremely challenging. Since their dispersed workforce spends their workweek crisscrossing the country, it's difficult to get them into a classroom at the same time

Online video learning enables drivers to access an Internet connection at truck stops or any other "hot spot" when and where it is convenient for them. They can either watch the video, or download it for viewing at a later time These companies have found that they are able to reduce costs associated with the distribution of thousands of CDs or printed materials as well as remove the burden of manually managing who has completed the training and when.

In the health-care field, proper training can literally be a matter of life or death. From training hospitals to medical schools, staff certification and international medical collaboration, the need to share the very latest in medical treatment has urgency unrivalled in other fields and is another area where online video initiatives have taken root. Continuing medical education requirements for staff--whether for nursing, pharmaceutical, or other departments--are another strong driver for an online solution, such as podcasting' that enables rapid creation and delivery of training materials.

A leading global law firm, with more than 5,000 employees and offices in more than 23 countries, made online training a mission-critical priority. The goal was to provide a more efficient and economical way for subject matter experts to train the broader body of lawyers across 18 specialized practice areas. The result is a quick-turn training content development process that enables experts in various fields to share best practice information via online presentations that synchronize speaker video with supporting visuals. The firm now outputs new materials on a weekly basis and has already amassed an online library of hundreds of training assets.

While online video can be delivered either live or on-demand, it is not restricted to video delivered via the Internet. It also can take the form of video for the iPod, video enabled cell phones, podcasts, or downloadable files for inclusion in presentation software

Online video solutions are rapidly gaining momentum because they increase retention, improve time-to-market for employee training, and increase brand awareness.

Dale Ouellette is a content creation specialist with Edify Direct Multimedia of Merrimack, a full-service provider of online video solutions for companies. He can be reached at 603-365-1850 or
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Title Annotation:Working with Video
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Date:Oct 10, 2008
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