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Live streamers compelled to register with MIC if new draft decree adopted. Jul 17, 2021 464
Nepali woman reportedly sold off in Cambodia. Jul 9, 2021 176
Brothers who thrashed sister over property share sent on judicial remand. Jul 6, 2021 213
Cyworld, the social network that swept Korea pre-Facebook, reopens. Jul 5, 2021 616
Staying relevant: 6 tips on promoting an agribusiness on social media. Jun 29, 2021 824
Nigeria Twitter ban an attack on MSMEs, says digital marketer. Jun 26, 2021 1236
Man sentenced to 12 years in jail for harassing ex-wife on internet. Jun 19, 2021 523
Talk of the town: Clubhouse vs. TwitterSpaces. Product/service evaluation Jun 12, 2021 737
Free high school math tutorials at Editorial Jun 12, 2021 707
We Suspended Twitter Because It Refused To Delete Tweet That Described Nigeria As Zoo, Says Lai Mohammed. Jun 11, 2021 601
Nnamdi Kanu Was Using Twitter To Order Attack On Soldiers, Policemen, Destruction Of Buildings, Says Lai Mohammed. Jun 11, 2021 602
Twitter ban: Reps caucus threatens legal suit against FG. Jun 6, 2021 324
Effects of admiration of others on social media fatigue: Loneliness and anxiety as mediators. Chen, Yepeng; Zhu, Yang; Jiang, Yuxian Jun 1, 2021 4141
Social media's effect on fitness behavior intention: Perceived value as a mediator. Gao, Yan; Wang, Jiaqi; Liu, Chenchen Jun 1, 2021 5305
The fight against fake news and misinformation. May 30, 2021 777
Gang using social media to sell drugs busted in city. May 24, 2021 306
Social media accounts, fan cafe of K-pop group GFRIEND to remain after disbandment. May 21, 2021 912
Me, Myself, & I: Narcissistic Personality Traits and Selfie Behavior Among Selected Filipinos. Reyes, Marc Eric S.; Aquino, Karen Frances Beatrice T.; De Leon, Cameron Jilliane O.; Munoz, Angelic Report May 19, 2021 6237
Trapped: Social Networking Sites Use & Life Satisfaction in Russia. Salahodjaev, Raufhon Report May 19, 2021 3390
Choosing Administrative Capital to be Arab Digital Capital in 2021: Cabinet. Egypt Today staff May 17, 2021 246
Egypt Today presents museums artifacts chosen by the public through voting on Facebook to be the "pieces of the month". Egypt Today staff May 15, 2021 880
This Facebook group helps Filipinos live in their dream homes. Interview May 14, 2021 783
Scammers now target intelligent users. May 9, 2021 740
'Only Duterte can curse': Palace says Locsin sorry for Twitter rant vs China. May 4, 2021 774
Efforts afoot to amend EOBI laws: Zulfi Bukhari. May 3, 2021 652
Ordinance to be presented before federal cabinet for informal labourers inclusion in EOBI pension net : Zulfi Bukhari. May 3, 2021 654
Reducing social loafing in online brand communities: Insights from social exchange theory. Hou, Rujing; Zhang, Chubing Report May 1, 2021 4287
Swat administration removes speed breakers on roads. Apr 28, 2021 172
Labourer jailed, fined for obscene communication against Agong. Apr 26, 2021 346
How this online community inspires more kids to read Filipino books. Apr 18, 2021 782
Twitter down: Social network site crashes leaving 40,000 without access; We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. By, Nathan Hyde Apr 17, 2021 227
Raas for reopening of schools from April 19th. Apr 17, 2021 251
'Can't retweet or like': Twitter experiences outage. Apr 17, 2021 174
Is your name in the leaked Facebook accounts? Editorial Apr 16, 2021 601
Shahzawar Bugti's wife accuses him of domestic violence and blasphemy. Apr 15, 2021 851
Zamalek's Shikabala nominated for best goal in CAF Champions League. Daily News Egypt Apr 7, 2021 181
GMA Network depicts consequences of social media misuse via sci-fi romance series 'I Can See You: #Future'. Apr 1, 2021 646
Competitive Influence Maximization on Online Social Networks under Cost Constraint. Chen, Bo-Lun; Sheng, Yi-Yun; Ji, Min; Liu, Ji-Wei; Yu, Yong-Tao; Zhang, Yue Report Apr 1, 2021 4982
Online Communication of Public Institutions Before the COVID-19 Pandemic. Marinescu, Valentina; Razec, Ines; Dumitrache, Teodor Apr 1, 2021 5759
Taking to the digital highways. Mar 29, 2021 799
GOSSIP GIRL: How the high-heeled TikTok King go to church. Interview Mar 29, 2021 533
How does VP Leni Robredo deal with social media toxicity? Mar 29, 2021 572
Filipinos on Clubhouse: From HOHOL to Gabi ng OPM. Editorial Mar 27, 2021 729
Facebook to take a variety of initiatives in Pakistan. Mar 23, 2021 277
Instagram is a 'fertile recruitment ground' for neo-Nazis, warns report; Nearly a million pieces of content tied to hate organisations were removed from Instagram last year. By, Henry Vaughan (PA) & Erin Santillo Mar 22, 2021 487
Twitter activity, investor attention, and the diffusion of information. Rakowski, David; Shirley, Sara E.; Stark, Jeffrey R. Report Mar 22, 2021 21247
How COVID-19 affects beauty consumer behavior. Mar 17, 2021 549
Did Gen. Parlade's Facebook account just get locked? Mar 14, 2021 507
Banking on SAMA's advice to combat financial crime. Talat Zaki Hafiz Mar 10, 2021 537
Senators ask Facebook, Twitter to explain snub of inquiry into online sexual exploitation. Mar 2, 2021 579
Routing Around Deplatforming: Dissidents will turn to decentralized, peer-to-peer options. O'sullivan, Andrea Mar 1, 2021 2399
HOW FACEBOOK BROKE US. Bauerlein, Monika; Jeffery, Clara Mar 1, 2021 4569
TIKTOK AFTER TRUMP. Brown, Elizabeth Nolan Mar 1, 2021 858
Speak Your Piece. Feeney, Matthew Mar 1, 2021 1111
TikTok launches family safety toolkit to help promote a safe and positive online community. Feb 24, 2021 923
Want a Clubhouse invite? Feb 22, 2021 849
Nimble dancer Nograles takes to TikTok to spread COVID-19 vaccine information. Feb 19, 2021 682
Kris Aquino's deleted Facebook posts restored. Feb 17, 2021 238
Sneaky way to control the narrative. Feb 9, 2021 939
Keeping young people safe online during the hyperconnected world of a pandemic: What can parents do? Hawkes, Amber Feb 9, 2021 742
Be safe and savvy with social media. Yeowart, Elizabeth Feb 1, 2021 2301
Smartphone and social media addiction: Exploring the perceptions and experiences of Canadian teenagers. Adoijan, Michael; Ricciardelli, Rosemary Report Feb 1, 2021 11007
Memories; Looking back at what made the news in years gone by. Laura Smith Jan 31, 2021 763
How I got my hacked Instagram account back. Roces-Trebol, Isabel Jan 21, 2021 1070
Clean-up drive a good move: CM. Jan 18, 2021 165
The power of (mis) information. Jan 13, 2021 691
Plaid suspends councillor for virus 'misinformation'. Jan 12, 2021 204
Plaid suspend councillor over vaccine claims; HE COMPLAINS OF 'PROPAGANDA AND FAKE STATISTICS'. GARETH WILLIAMS Local Democracy Reporter Jan 11, 2021 530
TWITTER POLL: Majority believe Iran's supreme leader should be banned from Twitter. Arab News Jan 10, 2021 399
Twitter on Friday banned President Donald Trump from its site, a punishment for. The Washington Post Jan 9, 2021 334
Christine Dacera's death and the online lynch mob. Jan 9, 2021 757
Facebook bans Trump 'indefinitely' for inciting violence. Jan 8, 2021 746
WARNING! Scammers are using Facebook targeting tool to steal accounts. Jan 8, 2021 1017
Jam would come back as soon as he get results of his Corona tests. Jan 6, 2021 188
Moral guidance on digital technologies (Part 1). Jan 5, 2021 1309
THE MOTHER OF CONSPIRACIES: How QAnon found a home in parenting groups. Butler, Kiera Jan 1, 2021 2228
10 must-follow mom creators on TikTok. Jan 1, 2021 561
How Twitter amplifies my doctor and human voice. Chan, Karmela Kim Jan 1, 2021 699
The Teacher-Student Relationship in the Use of Social Network Sites for Educational Purposes: A Systematic Review. Garrido, Laura Camas; Moya, Aida Valero; Morancho, Mireia Vendrell Jan 1, 2021 9501
Educational Motives versus Perceived Negative Consequences of Facebook Usage among University Students. Muhammad Shabbir Sarwar, Mudassar Hussain and Waqar Ul Haq Dec 31, 2020 4428
Kim Seon-ho reaches 4 million followers on Instagram, talks about 'trending actor' tag. Dec 26, 2020 540
Home-delivery bakery business booming amid COVID-19. Dec 24, 2020 299
16 potential presidential bets for 2022 revealed by analysis. Dec 20, 2020 455
PH envoy to Saudi Arabia deplores POLO's 'baseless' social media posts. Dec 15, 2020 512
1500 teaching,1800 non-teaching staff would be recruited, says Chief Minister. Dec 14, 2020 153
Kaspersky: APAC users favor anonymous accounts. Dec 14, 2020 939
Sunday brunch with young content creators shifting to the new normal. Dec 13, 2020 1032
PCR laboratories would be established at 9 districts. Dec 7, 2020 348
Facebook changing 'race-blind' hate speech policy. Dec 4, 2020 621
Cultural Value Orientation, Social Networking Site (SNS) Use, and Homesickness in International Students. Poyrazli, Senel; Devonish, Olufunmike B. Dec 1, 2020 6465
Using social media to break the news: College of the Holy Spirit Manila to close its doors. Nov 23, 2020 565
Using New Technology to Address Harmful Content on Facebook. Nov 20, 2020 1352
Roque takes offense at VP Robredo's and daughters' tweets. Nov 19, 2020 674
US embassy apologises for sharing tweet against PM Imran. Nov 12, 2020 292
US embassy in Islamabad apologises for sharing 'unauthorised' tweet against PM Imran. Nov 12, 2020 406
Social media becomes emergency helpline at the height of Typhoon 'Ulysses'. Nov 12, 2020 616
US embassy in Islamabad apologises for sharing 'unauthorised' tweet against PM. Nov 12, 2020 192
US embassy apologises for 'unauthorised' tweet against PM Imran. Nov 12, 2020 290
F-com entrepreneurs enjoy boom time: transacting Tk100cr monthly. Nov 12, 2020 1433
US embassy in Islamabad apologises for sharing 'unauthorised' tweet against PM Imran. Nov 11, 2020 548
EA conducts poll on ban of plastic shopping bags. By: Times News Service Nov 3, 2020 439
SOCIAL MEDIA ENTERPRISE RISK: A social media risk framework that draws on concepts from the balanced scorecard and COSO's ERM Framework can help companies consider the risks and develop an aligned strategy. Considine, Brett; Lenk, Margarita; Krahel, John Peter; Janvrin, Diane Nov 1, 2020 2752
#Participating #Contesting: Studying Counterpublics' Discourses on Twitter About the Social Acceptability of Medical Assistance in Dying Legislation in Canada. Lalancette, Mireille; Yates, Stephanie; Rouillard, Carol-Ann Report Nov 1, 2020 11618
Science Education Saves Lives. Taxel, Nathan Nov 1, 2020 1698
Influence of type and source of electronic word-of-mouth on consumers' health care-seeking decisions. Chen, Xiaohong; Chen, Ming; Yu, Shih-Heng; Wu, Yinxia; Tao, Anqian Report Nov 1, 2020 3875
Online Moral Disclosure and the Construction of Privacy Practices. Ashuri, Tamar; Halperin, Ruth Nov 1, 2020 9040
Stahl Launches Chinese Website, Increases Presence on Chinese Social Networks. Nov 1, 2020 214
The Pandemic Is Real, not so the Reporting: "The barrage of information during this public health crisis--regarded by the World Health Organization as an infodemic--spans beyond the rogue one-off websites with fake news stories, manipulated media, and videos propagating conspiracy claims.". Salahi, Lara Nov 1, 2020 1503
A Decade Later, Instagram Continues to Innovate. Oct 24, 2020 665
Resignation calls over 'racist' tweet. ALASTAIR GOSSIP Oct 20, 2020 488
Not just a marketplace: What it's like to build an online support group. Oct 19, 2020 1216
Dara holds live broadcast to celebrate reaching 1 million subscribers on YouTube. Oct 18, 2020 915
Strengthening Businesses' Online Presence & Growth. Oct 16, 2020 700
AFP Chief: Terrorist groups bring fight to Islamic schools, social media. Oct 14, 2020 712
7 in 10 girls, women experience harassment online, new global study shows. Oct 12, 2020 564
Bilawal should ask Nawaz to appear before court for rule of law: Shibli Faraz. Oct 11, 2020 339
Bilawal should ask Nawaz to appear before court for rule of law: Shibli Faraz. Oct 11, 2020 245
Nawaz Sharif started awarding certificates of treason, alleges Shahbaz Gill. Oct 7, 2020 161
Nawaz Sharif started awarding certificates of treason: Shahbaz Gill. Oct 7, 2020 158
Facebook user Sen. Bato: Just explain takedown rule. Oct 6, 2020 645
'HappyBirthdayPM' trending top on twitter as PM turns 68. Oct 6, 2020 157
Over 1,500 social media accounts maintained by PNP still operational. Oct 5, 2020 289
Dela Rosa wants Facebook to explain why it took down pro-Digong accounts. Oct 5, 2020 333
PNP chief orders monitoring of 1,585 social media pages. Oct 5, 2020 673
FB rebuke not a sign of Duterte's alleged dictatorial tendency -- Panelo. Oct 4, 2020 596
Dela Rosa accuses Facebook of being anti-gov't; seeks regulation of site's operation in PH. Oct 3, 2020 667
Exposed: Coordinated inauthentic behaviorA. Cruz, Tonyo Editorial Oct 2, 2020 1014
Why Delete Facebook? Oct 1, 2020 1031
The Effects of Adopting Tablets and Facebook for Learning Badminton Skills: A Portfolio-Based WISER Model in Physical Education. Lin, Kuo-Chin; Lee, I-Chen; Cheng, Chih-Fu; Hung, Hui-Chun Report Oct 1, 2020 9387
Digital Gender Disidentifications: Beyond the Subversion Versus Hegemony Dichotomy and Toward Everyday Gender Practices. Szulc, Lukasz Oct 1, 2020 9330
Antecedents of Information Seeking and Sharing on Social Networking Sites: An Empirical Study of Facebook Users. Junaidi, Junaidi; Chih, Wenhai; Ortiz, Jaime Oct 1, 2020 9046
In The Know: Facebook in PH. Sep 30, 2020 356
Duterte threatens to stop Facebook operations in PH after shutdown of gov't 'advocacy' pages. Sep 29, 2020 513
'Duterte against Facebook 'censorship' but won't ban FB in PH' --- Roque. Sep 29, 2020 664
Badoy refuses to apologize for red-tagging Makabayan solons; PCOO budget suspended. Sep 29, 2020 645
TikTok gets reprieve as judge halts Trump download ban. Sep 28, 2020 670
Nawaz says enough is enough Will not allow anyone to drown country. Sep 27, 2020 403
Mohsin Ranjha's anger at CCPO due to stolen vehicles: Shahbaz Gill. Sep 25, 2020 157
After FB accounts takedown, PNP to expand 'informative' social media engagement. Sep 25, 2020 394
PNP disavows accounts Facebook took down for 'coordinated inauthentic behavior'. Sep 23, 2020 856
PH police, military deny owning fake accounts shut down by FB. Recuenco, Aaron; Sadongdong, Martin Sep 23, 2020 588
AFP, Facebook to team up to crush terrorism online. Sep 23, 2020 628
Palace hopes Facebook would exercise prudence, says Roque. Sep 23, 2020 614
On all networks of social media speech of Nawaz Sharif & APC of opposition parties becomes popular. Sep 21, 2020 387
On all networks of social media speech of Nawaz Sharif and APC of opposition parties becomes popular. Sep 21, 2020 387
Nawaz Sharif joins social media a day before APC. Sep 20, 2020 222
Facebook to share data with FIA in a bid to eradicate cybercrime. Sep 19, 2020 247
WeChat, TikTok ban is test for open internet, free expression. Sep 19, 2020 641
Netizens pay homage to Quaid-e-Azam on 72nd death anniversary. Sep 12, 2020 307
Netizens pay homage to Quaid-e-Azam on 72nd death anniversary. Sep 12, 2020 307
Celebrity dentist educates public on dental health via TikTok. Sep 7, 2020 532
One arrested for fraud over motorcycle trade. Sep 4, 2020 205
Online bartering soars as PH grapples with COVID-19. Sep 2, 2020 711
Gab Pascual's dance dance revolution on TikTok. Sep 1, 2020 799
China, Africa, and the West: A Geopolitical Assessment of Huawei's Crisis Communication on Social Networks. Calzati, Stefano Sep 1, 2020 8596
Modeling a Rumor Propagation in Online Social Network: An Optimal Control Approach. Ghazzali, Rachid; Bhih, Amine El; Laaroussi, Adil El Alami; Rachik, Mostafa Aug 31, 2020 6705
TikTok Strengthens its Commitment to Safer Online Self-Expression. Aug 31, 2020 744
Mobile Users' Self-Disclosure Behaviour on WeChat: Application of Social Cognitive Theory. Ma, Liang; Ding, Xiaoyan; Zhang, Xin; Zhang, Ge Report Aug 31, 2020 9666
Sellers on Facebook advised to give discounts. Aug 28, 2020 618
Sen. Bong Revilla: I'm alive and kicking. Aug 28, 2020 368
We are all connected. Editorial Aug 28, 2020 738
CM questions silence of nationalists over killings of teachers, passengers. Aug 25, 2020 294
Heart-wrenching photo of Hayat's parents over his body stirred entire nation. Aug 20, 2020 200
Hilarious: Ruffa Gutierrez on being in daughters' TikTok videos. Aug 19, 2020 563
Heart-wrenching photo of Hayat's parents over his body stirred entire nation. Aug 19, 2020 254
TikTok ramps up defense against US accusations. Aug 18, 2020 530
Who is Llyan Oliver Austria, and why you shouldaf1/4or shouldn'taf1/4listen to him. Aug 18, 2020 1046
Bill Gates telephones Army Chief. Aug 16, 2020 271
Nograles gamely answers questions on FB live. Aug 16, 2020 649
Catfish: Fake Account of Arewa Girls on Social Media. Aug 16, 2020 829
CPEC projects in South Balochistan making progress: Asim. Aug 9, 2020 188
Trump order targets Chinese internet giants TikTok, WeChat. Aug 7, 2020 764
Brave doctors head toga Ngng to fight outbreak. Aug 5, 2020 844
Trump gives TikTok 6 weeks to sell itself to US company. Aug 4, 2020 726
Double-edged effects of role stress on self-disclosure on social networking sites. Pan, Yang; Cheng, Zhichao Aug 1, 2020 5211
Use of Messaging Apps and Social Network Sites Among Older Adults: A Mixed-Method Study. Rebecca, Ping Yu Report Aug 1, 2020 9205
Influence Maximization with Priority in Online Social Networks. Pham, Canh V.; Ha, Dung K.T.; Vu, Quang C.; Su, Anh N.; Hoang, Huan X. Report Aug 1, 2020 10429
Facebook suffers system glitch in several countries, including Egypt. Mohamed Alaa El-Din Jul 28, 2020 169
How to keep your Facebook profile safe. Jul 27, 2020 737
Trolls - behind the mask. Column Jul 20, 2020 920
This Pinay surrealist created a worldwide community of 100,000 art aficionados. Jul 10, 2020 782
Globe encourages parents and kids to be responsible digital citizens. Jul 9, 2020 594
Saudi Arabia rules out financial curbs on expats. Ramadan Al Sherbini, Correspondent Jul 7, 2020 226
Exclusive: Twitter rolls out gender-based violence search prompt in Filipino. Jul 6, 2020 664
COAS, PM express deep sorrow over Sheikhupura train accident. Jul 4, 2020 214
Twitter teases that edit function will be available 'when everyone wears a mask'. Jul 4, 2020 565
Hong Kongers scrub social media history in face of security law. Jul 3, 2020 775
Patel v. Facebook, Inc. Wang, Shuyu Jul 1, 2020 1412
The Indian alternatives to TikTok that are just as good or even better. Product/service evaluation Jul 1, 2020 1137
Sedition case filed against Kahmiri businessman on a Facebook post in IOK. Jun 30, 2020 325
Sedition case filed against Kahmiri businessman on a Facebook post in IOK. Jun 30, 2020 325
Sedition case filed against Kahmiri businessman on a Facebook post in IOK. Jun 30, 2020 285
Decentralized Private Information Sharing Protocol on Social Networks. Chu, Shu-Chuan; Chen, Lili; Kumar, Sachin; Kumari, Saru; Rodrigues, Joel J.P.C.; Chen, Chien-Ming Jun 30, 2020 9857
Baring our true selves online. Jun 29, 2020 710
Facebook ramps up efforts to curb 'hateful content' in ads. Jun 27, 2020 652
Museums, galleries reopen for local tourists from July. Jun 26, 2020 332
Viber cuts business ties with Facebook. Jun 26, 2020 332
How to Do a Remote Fashion Shoot. Tinga, Kerry Jun 25, 2020 605
Raising environmental awareness in a local park. Sheridan, Alona Jun 22, 2020 449
Middle-aged men get social. Jun 20, 2020 174
Twitter tests voice tweeting capabilities. Daily News Egypt Jun 18, 2020 366
Bilawal Bhutto telephones former premier Abbasi, inquires his well being. Jun 14, 2020 205
Cordillera youth group urges Facebook action on 'smear campaign' vs activists. Jun 9, 2020 984
Indian Army critically injures two children, two women in unprovoked firing at LoC. Jun 9, 2020 165
Facebook now lets users create their own avatar. Jun 1, 2020 188
Modeling Environmental Antecedents of Online Word-of-Mouth on Team Social Media: A Perspective of Information Value. Wang, Jerred Junqi; Pifer, N. David; Scremin, Glaucio; Zhang, James J. Report Jun 1, 2020 11226
A Discrete Mathematical Modeling and Optimal Control of the Rumor Propagation in Online Social Network. Bhih, Amine El; Ghazzali, Rachid; Rhila, Soukaina Ben; Rachik, Mostafa; Laaroussi, Adil El Alami May 31, 2020 5821
Effect of Social Networking Sites on the Quality of Life of College Students: A Cross-Sectional Study from a City in North India. Saini, Neeru; Sangwan, Garima; Verma, Madhur; Kohli, Adarsh; Kaur, Manmeet; Lakshmi, P.V.M. Survey May 31, 2020 6115
Purpose of father's picture was not publicity but humiliation: Maryam Nawaz. May 31, 2020 396
Pervert paid visit to mum with a baby. May 30, 2020 260
TikTok Play Store ratings drop abysmally low due to latest controversy. May 20, 2020 542
Outage in Pakistan not from company's end, says Twitter. Ramsha Jahangir May 19, 2020 687
Stay Informed About PEO Soldier. May 19, 2020 181
WATCH: Miley Cyrus sings 'The Climb,' Oprah sends message of hope to graduating batch of 2020. May 16, 2020 557
Man from Aklan arrested for offering P100M for Duterte's head. May 13, 2020 257
PNP reminds personnel to observe cyber etiquette. May 11, 2020 432
MBRSG's centre launches 'Ask an Expert' initiative. May 7, 2020 758
Building a bridge to a reporter whose pro-abortion biases are showing. Echevarria, Laura May 1, 2020 606
Social Media Contexts Moderate Perceptions of Animals. Riddle, Elizabeth; MacKay, Jill R.D. May 1, 2020 7893
Ben and Ben reaches 29th spot at Billboard Social 50 chart. Apr 9, 2020 406
Bb. Pilipinas queens, candidates help raise over P100,000 for indigent families. Apr 7, 2020 643
Asymptotic Behavior of a Predator-Prey Model with Allee Threshold Applied to Online Social Network Users' Data Forwarding. Zhang, Yaming; Koura, Yaya Hamadou; Su, Yanyuan Mar 31, 2020 4298
Head of Karabakh's Azerbaijani community receives death threats from Armenians [PHOTO]. Mar 30, 2020 493
Mocha Uson's controversial Facebook 'blog' now unavailable. Mar 21, 2020 330
Historian Niall Ferguson warns of contagion, online and off. Mark Kennedy AP Entertainment Writer Mar 21, 2020 702
Sharjah Police deny coronavirus case in Tasjeel Village. Aghaddir Ali, Senior Reporter Mar 10, 2020 235
Silent Commute. Galanes, Philip Mar 9, 2020 177
Statement of Shahid Khaqan Abbasi of searching new ways to resolve country problems is confessional statement: SAPM. Mar 7, 2020 228
Statement of Shahid Khaqan Abbasi of searching new ways to resolve country problems is confessional. Mar 7, 2020 227
'Nobel Peace Prize for Imran Khan' becomes top trend on Twitter. Mar 2, 2020 349
Improving the Graduate Nurse Experience through Support on a Social Media Platform. Casler, Tricia; Radhakrishnan, Kavita; Gillam, Sally Report Mar 1, 2020 2787
Coronavirus: Facebook To Work With Nigeria To Check Misleading Reports. Feb 28, 2020 447
Gender and maths: Let the girls dance to the song of algebra. Sudha Subramanian, Special to Gulf News Feb 18, 2020 900
PM fulfills promise of bringing reforms in Civil Service as per PTI manifesto: Firdous Ashiq Awan. Feb 18, 2020 300
It's a poultry excuse for Nando's not serving Chicken; restaurant thought his name was just a joke. DOUGLAS PATIENT & IAN HUGHES @examiner Feb 17, 2020 330
Survey finds Malaysians consider ageism a barrier to work opportunities. Feb 12, 2020 544
Govt believes in development, not rhetoric, says Jam Kamal. Feb 3, 2020 205
Shehbaz Sharif got netted in the trap laid by him: Ashiq. Feb 2, 2020 183
Safer for Filipinos in Wuhan to stay than face discrimination in PH - Sotto. Jan 31, 2020 396
Noora League' flees the field : Firdous. Jan 30, 2020 161
'Noora League' flees the field : Firdous Ashiq Awan. Jan 30, 2020 171
Facebook Results Beat Forecasts But Shares Take A Hit. Jan 30, 2020 595
Facebook, Instagram Shut Down Pages of Famous Iranian Academic in Total Denial of Freedom of Expression. Jan 27, 2020 839
World is now acknowledging anti-democratic ideology being imposed in India: PM. Jan 26, 2020 157
World is now acknowledging antidemocratic ideology being imposed in India. Jan 26, 2020 150
LOOK: Celebs make their own 'LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder' memes. Jan 26, 2020 675
Sick paedophile posed as boy to sexually exploit vulnerable children on 'teen dating' website; To befriend children online, Valmiki Rampersad created 78 bogus profiles on popular online social networking website called Laura Hartley Jan 24, 2020 388
Position of EC belongs to judiciary but it gone to bureaucrats: Fawad Chaudhry. Jan 23, 2020 118
Two suspects who blackmail and threaten citizens on social media arrested in Mosul. Jan 15, 2020 120
Watch out for bogus UAE residency visa ads spreading on social media. Mariam M. Al Serkal, Web Chief Reporter Jan 14, 2020 476
Watch out: Did you see this ad for an 'infinite UAE residency visa'? Mariam M. Al Serkal, Web Chief Reporter Jan 14, 2020 475
POCO F2 Confirmed; Could Arrive Next Month. Nica Osorio Jan 12, 2020 375
Fake news: Sharjah police deny gang targeting elderly in Al Dhaid. Aghaddir Ali, Senior Reporter Jan 8, 2020 210
Provincial governments need to evolve strategy along with federation to fight against locust attacks: Zartaj Gul. Jan 4, 2020 110
To skirt police restrictions, some Indian protesters take a page from Hong Kong and beyond. Jan 4, 2020 514
The impact of social media on the world. Suhail Ahmed Jan 3, 2020 1137
Video of a jam-packed Dubai Mall on 1/1/2020 goes viral. Mariam M. Al Serkal, Web Chief Reporter Jan 2, 2020 208
Passive social network site use and adolescent materialism: Upward social comparison as a mediator. Hu, Yu-Ting; Liu, Qing-Qi Jan 1, 2020 3696
Modeling and Analysis of Rumor Spreading with Social Reinforcement Mechanism. Xu, Yuan; Mei, Renjie; Yang, Yujie; Kong, Zhengmin Dec 31, 2019 4289
Musk Seemingly Confirmed Another Exciting Feature Coming To Tesla Vehicles. Nica Osorio Dec 30, 2019 380
IHC disposes of plea against interior ministry ban. Dec 28, 2019 511
Lenovo Seemingly Hints A New Gaming Phone Under Lenovo Legion Brand. Nica Osorio Dec 27, 2019 374
Postcards of Kindness: Facebook group. Corbally, Sharon Dec 22, 2019 722
Top Ten Fictional Twitters. Band, Barbara Dec 22, 2019 161
After general election performance, Twitter should resign -- Kevan Christie. Dec 21, 2019 1025
External elements and their internal stooges will fail in their sordid designs of weakening institutions: Firdous. Dec 21, 2019 172
External elements and their internal stooges will fail: Firdous. Dec 21, 2019 162
Interior ministry restricts officials from media talk. Dec 20, 2019 416
Facebook Admits Tracking User Location, Bombarding Ads Even Location Services Is Off. Nica Osorio Dec 19, 2019 374
Have you received this message from UAE Central Bank? Mariam M. Al Serkal, Web Chief Reporter Dec 17, 2019 497
ISPR releases new song upon fifth anniversary of APS massacre. Dec 17, 2019 169
Samsung Galaxy S11 And Galaxy Fold 2 Launching In Feb. 2020. Nica Osorio Dec 13, 2019 393
Maine Mendoza, BTS top Philippines' Twitter trends for 2019. Dec 13, 2019 1104
Huawei P40: Leaks Quintuple Cameras And 120hz OLED Display. Nica Osorio Dec 13, 2019 382
Tesla Cybertruck Might Feature Folding Rear Seats. Nica Osorio Dec 12, 2019 388
Face book blocks official page of Jamaat e Islami Karachi. Dec 11, 2019 212
Shehbaz Sharif statement of in-house change is tantamount to day-dreaming: Firdous Ashiq Awan. Dec 6, 2019 205
Shehbaz statement of in-house change is tantamount to day-dreaming: Firdous. Dec 6, 2019 195
The effects of Social Media and Youth in Pakistan. Dec 1, 2019 1216
The effects of Social Media and Youth in Pakistan. Dec 1, 2019 1186
Anonymous Developer Leaked Actual PlayStation 5 Dev Kit And Dualshock 5 Controllers. Nica Osorio Dec 1, 2019 391
Facebook Is Hiding Comments Without Letting Others Know. Nica Osorio Dec 1, 2019 375
Tesla Cybertruck Gets High-Profile Order From This VIP. Nica Osorio Dec 1, 2019 367
A Pilot Qualitative Case Study of Agricultural and Natural Resources Scientists' Twitter Usage for Engaging Public Audiences. Loizzo, Jamie; Jones, Catherine; Steffen, Abby Case study Dec 1, 2019 8861
iPhone Hack: How To Turn Your iPhone Into An iPod Classic? Nica Osorio Nov 30, 2019 361
Dubai Police Adding Tesla Cybertruck To Its Already Flashy Chase Cars. Nica Osorio Nov 28, 2019 387
Babri Mosque judgment exposes real face of secular India: Firdous Ashiq Awan. Nov 27, 2019 248
New Facebook app pays people to take part in surveys. Nov 26, 2019 259
New Facebook app pays people to take part in surveys. Nov 25, 2019 297
Don't fall for fake 'free Dh100 credit', warns du. Mariam M. Al Serkal, Web Chief Reporter Nov 25, 2019 355
Pakistan mulling ban on WhatsApp, YouTube in government offices. Nov 21, 2019 215
What's the future of homegrown social networking sites? Nov 20, 2019 1170
Immigration warns vs. illegal recruiters using social media. Nov 19, 2019 449

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