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Online Training: Food Safety and Environment Health.

An online course on E. coli is now available from LoginandLearn. This online approach to training staff in food safety offers

* a learning solution that doesn't require any special equipment except an Internet browser;

* courses that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year;

* high-quality, interactive content that speeds up the training process;

* consistent training that gives every employee exactly the same message every time;

* a learning community that documents course use and tracks performance; and

* a flexible pricing system.

LoginandLearn is a technology-based company that works with employers' associations across the country to deliver training to thousands of companies. The courses have an easy-to-follow format that's informative and interactive. All programs include course assessments, audio reproduction of text, and pop-up menus of additional information.

In addition to the course on E. coli, LoginandLearn offers the following courses that outline the requirements of OSHA standards and provide real-life information pertinent to almost any environment:

* Hazard Communication,

* Control of Hazardous Energy--Lockout/Tagout,

* Emergency Action Planning,

* Bloodborne Pathogens,

* Safe Electrical Work Practices

* Ergonomics for Office Workers,

* Design for Environment,

* Environmental Management System,

* Chemical Safety

* Hazardous Waste Management,

* Hazardous Energy Control,

* Bloodborne Pathogens (Syntrio Version),

* Confined Spaces,

* ESH at Work,

* Radiation Safety,

* Ergonomics for Manufacturing,

* Powered Industrial Truck Safety

* Hearing Conservation: Protecting Yourself from Hearing Loss,

* Fire Extinguisher Safety and

* Managing Workplace Safety and Health.
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Date:Sep 1, 2001
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