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Online Learning Meets Collaborative Publishing; OpenMind Partners with Kentucky Virtual University.

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CARY, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 17, 2001

OpenMind Publishing Group, a collaborative publishing service, is today announcing a co-marketing agreement with Kentucky Virtual University (KYVU), a technology-based institution that provides Kentuckians access to higher education and training programs anywhere, anytime.

Through this partnership, OpenMind is inviting KYVU faculty to participate in its programs at Educators can take part in a number of ways. Those interested in online publishing are encouraged to contribute to the OpenText Project ( - an online collaboration where educators share their content - be it a textbook, academic research, interactive learning objects or even something as simple as an insightful sentence. If the creator of the content is not in a position to offer content for free, however, they can avail it through OpenMind's content marketplace. Here, materials that are protected under intellectual property laws are available for a small fee. Educators can also share their thoughts on content contributions, research, teaching tips, etc. via message boards.

Instructors can then leverage the content in the OpenText Project and the content marketplace to individually personalize CourseBooks that match their course syllabus. Using OpenMind's technology platform, instructors can easily point, click and edit paragraph by paragraph, sentence by sentence to create CourseBooks that are as media- and content-rich as they would like. Instructors would then ask their students to purchase the final materials directly from OpenMind in their medium of choice - be it online, CD-ROM or print. The price varies depending upon the content and the desired method of delivery, but the average price is about $20 - a cost savings of approximately 70 percent less than traditional textbooks.

"This endeavor is important to KYVU on many levels," said Randolph Hollingsworth, the director of product development for the Kentucky Virtual University. "It will give our instructors a unique opportunity to share and publish their research and ideas and to collaborate with their peers. It also gives instructors the content and tools to easily create fully customized course work that takes full advantage of the Internet. And, finally, it allows us to provide our students with top-notch class materials at affordable prices."

"Our goal from day one was to help instructors build the course materials that help them convey their excitement for their life's work," said Paul Elliot, CEO of OpenMind. "Through the collaborative publishing model, instructors at KYVY will be able to take control of textbook content and the publishing process and bring a new level of excitement to their online classes."

About OpenMind Publishing Group

OpenMind Publishing Group, headquartered in Cary NC, provides high-quality content and advanced multimedia learning tools to professors and students in the higher education marketplace. Its technology platform and services help professors and students create and customize these materials to suit their individual needs.

Using a collaborative publishing process that allows instructors to access and contribute to a large base of content, OpenMind helps professors build a unique CourseBook that is customized to their particular needs. This learning tool is then delivered to their students via the Internet with alternate print and CD-ROM versions available. Using their professors' unique CourseBooks as a base, students will be able to choose from a variety of multimedia learning tools that allows them to "micro-customize" the text to fit their individual learning style. The final product is the most dynamic, highest-quality content resource available, delivered at a price that is less than one-third of a traditional textbook. For more information on OpenMind Publishing Group and/or to see a demonstration please visit or call 919-678-1597.

About The Kentucky Virtual University

The Kentucky Virtual University, at, was established in 1997 by the Kentucky General Assembly with the passage of the Kentucky Postsecondary Education Improvement Act of 1997. The primary mission of KYVU is to be a student-centered, technology based system for coordinating the delivery of postsecondary education that meets the needs of citizens and employers across the Commonwealth. The KYVU offers over 210 college credit courses and 15 online programs ranging from an associates to masters of business administration. Professional development programs are also offered as well as a full range of online student support services, including the Kentucky Virtual Library. The library is available free to all Kentuckians at or toll-free at 877-588-5288.
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Date:Apr 17, 2001
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