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As the Internet continues to grow, a vast amount of information and resources is available to students with different interests and needs. So is it a surprise that students will soon be able to farm on the Web?

A virtual farm that will simulate raising animals will be part of an online encyclopedia for agriculture developed by the University of Kentucky's College of Agriculture. The site, called Agripedia, was developed in 1997 by Kim Ragland, an instructor at the college, and Louann Waldner, a former Kentucky administrator. It is a resource for agriculture students and anyone with agriculture-related questions. Agripedia presents information and resource listings for subjects like agricultural economics, biotechnology, plant science and agricultural organizations. "It's one of the few comprehensive agriculture sites out there," Ragland says. "It was rated by the Infoseek search engine as a three-star site, which is its best rating."

The site also features a section called Agrimania, which is geared toward teaching elementary and secondary students about farm life. It offers information about distinguishing breeds of livestock, seed identification and careers in agriculture. Agrimania also assists extension agents in preparing others to teach these same topics. The virtual farm will be a part of the Agrimania section.

To help ensure Agripedia gives complete information, agriculture professionals also have contributed information to the site, according to Ragland. Visit Agripedia or Agrimania at
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Date:Oct 1, 1999
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