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Onkos Surgical & Promimic Partner on Surface Technology in Limb Salvage Surgery.

Onkos Surgical Inc. has partnered with Promimic AB, an innovator in nano surface modification, to commercialize Promimic's proprietary Hydroxyapatite (HA) Surface Technologies in Limb Salvage Surgery.

"At Onkos, we focus on bringing to market products and technologies that improve personalization, reduce complexity, and address the clinical challenges associated with tumor surgery," said Sean Curry, senior vice president of commercial operations. "Tumor and revision surgery can be challenging based on the complexity of the procedures and the clinical presentation inherent with the patient population. It is well documented in literature that implant failure due to aseptic loosening remains one of the key challenges associated with limb salvage surgery. These patients deserve better and the technology exists today to design implants with unique porous structures and novel surface modifications that may result in improved implant fixation. We are excited for our partnership with Promimic as the collaboration will differentiate our ELEOS Limb Salvage Portfolio with future designs that incorporate a uniform HA treatment which maintains the integrity of novel porous structures."

Steven Gitelis, M.D., Onkos Surgical chief medical officer (CMO) and associate CMO at Rush University said, "With advancements in cancer therapies, there are increased demands for long-term implant success. Improved osseointegration is critical for our patients and the use of HA with orthopedic implants is well described. Onkos is developing the next generation of 3D-printed implants with novel porous structures to facilitate hard and soft tissue attachment. The development of HA deposition on porous structure is exciting as the combination may lead to improved extracortical fixation and implant survival."

"Our surface technology is already clinically proven to be successful to improve osseointegration on the market for dental implants. The partnership with Onkos Surgical represents an important step for us into the orthopedic space. The combination of technologies and working with the Onkos team is a perfect match. I strongly believe this is a start of a new era for surface enhanced implant treatments," said Magnus Larsson, Promimic CEO. "The HAnano Surface is designed to speed up integration for all types of implant materials and has unique properties to modify porous and 3D printed structures without blocking the pores."

This product is not yet cleared for sale in the United States.

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Date:May 1, 2019
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