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One-story house expands out a little, up a lot.

One-story house expands out a little, up a lot

A little out but mostly up was how this one-story house expanded. Owners Janis and John Porter wanted to add a master bedroom, bath, and home office but still keep the sense of openness their original living room enjoyed.

Architect Kwan-Lam Wong of Albany, California, took off the old roof, added a bedroom and bath at one end of the house, and raised the living room ceiling to a height of 18 feet by adding a second level. The back wall was pushed out 6 feet to expand the room's floor area, too.

Centered under the ridge line is the old concrete-block fireplace; adding concrete flue liners to the top extended its chimney through the new roof. To tie the new and old fireplace sections together, Wong covered them with gypsum board.

Daylighting was a consideration. Skylights (three fixed, two openable) brighten and vent the living room and office. To help bring afternoon light to the kitchen and breakfast area, four 30-inch-square openings that follow the roof line were punched in the center dividing wall.

Photo: Fireplace location stayed the same, but the living room grew up and out. A home office is now on upper level, above bookcases

Photo: Plywood-sided house had single story when built in 1954. Now mature trees and a second story age it gracefully
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Date:Jul 1, 1986
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