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One-on-one with Gregory Loselle.

In this issue we share the first-place winner of the annual Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition, now an exclusive annual treat for our readers.


"Lazarus" is an intriguing tale about a miracle and its aftermath. Winning author Gregory Loselle says, "As far as inspiration for this particular story goes, I suppose you could say that I was interested in the 'what happens next' of the story, of the ramifications of a transcendent act of grace, and also how something which on its surface might appear to be unambiguously positive can still reveal layers of irony."

A triple threat, Greg is a playwright and poet as well as a writer of fiction. He published his first work at the age of 18, a play called Then Again, Maybe I Will. While earning a Master of Fine Arts at the University of Michigan, he received four Hopwood Awards for his creative writing. In addition, he has won The Academy of American Poets Prize, the William Van Wert Fiction Award, and The Ruby Lloyd Apsey Award for Playwriting.

Last year Pudding House published a chapbook of his poetry titled Phantom Limb. And another collection, Our Parents Dancing, is scheduled for an upcoming release.

Today, Greg teaches secondary language arts and art history in southeastern Michigan, a vocation he describes as "drilling students in the distinctions between con and may, good and well." His goal as a writer? "I hope to reflect human experience in all of its complexity," he says. "To write honestly about it, and to write with the sort of grace and facility that renders observation worthy of reflection." We think "Lazarus" hits all those marks.

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