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One-on-One Walk & Run.


In May 1954, the historic university town of Oxford, England was the site of the first sub-4 minute mile in track and field. Many sports historians today consider that feat as the greatest sporting achievement of the 20th century. Fifty years later, the American Running Association (ARA) honored the grand achievement of Sir Roger Bannister, M.D., as the theme for the 2nd Annual American Running Honors, a gala supporting the "ONE-ON-ONE, WALK & RUN" programs of ARA. It was more than appropriate that ARA honored the great milers of the past 50 years, since the WALK-RUN programs aim to get kids more fit and able to run the mile.

The message of staying healthy and becoming fit through walking and running was clear, when ARA presented the first American Running Youth Fitness Honor to an elementary school nurse, Rhonda Snyder. In her school in Dearborn, Michigan, Rhonda had instilled a commitment to a "healthy heart" as the reason to get all kids moving on a daily basis. It started with one classroom. In two years, she had managed to get over 75% of the school participating in the walk program based on ARA's Exercise Across America. Half of these kids were special needs students with physical disabilities or mental retardation. No one was left on the sidelines on Rhonda's playing field.

This past May we honored the greats in miler history. We also honored someone who is fighting the battle to keep our kids fit and deter obesity. Certainly a good battle for all members and supporters of American Running to fight together.

Let us join together to fight this growing health problem. Running and walking can help anyone defeat obesity and being overweight. It's not an easy topic to discuss with friends and family, but you might just save someone's life.


Obtain a free "ONE-ON-ONE, WALK & RUN" kit today. All members and friends of ARA can start the Walk-Run effort by obtaining a free kit (limit of one per person) for the "One-on-One, Walk & Run" program. The kit includes a training poster, magnets (to hold the poster on the home refrigerator), a lanyard with weekly tags, and a user's step guide. To obtain your free kit, call ARA at ext 16. Additional kits can be purchased at a nominal cost. One idea: Convert the time spent walking and running to miles so you can trek the distance across your home state. Let Rhonda and her school kids be our guide to increased health through walking and running and get your kit today.
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