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One veto, two interpretations.

The veto, Deputy Finance Minister Kire Naumov put on the decision of Minister Zoran Stavreski to take another loan of 100 million euro, was differently interpreted by economic experts. Former Finance Minister Xhevat Hajredini stressed that this veto is justified, but according to another Former Minister Trajko Slavevski it is not. Still, both agree that the veto arises from the Agreement from Przino.

According to Hajredini, the Agreement from Przino gives full authorization to Deputy Minister of Finance to put a veto on the decisions of the Ministry. Therefore, according to Hajredini, Naumov considered that it is necessary to stop Stavrevski from taking a new loan, having authorization to control

Government's debts and spending. Regarding the issue whether this veto endangers the payment of pensions and salaries, Hajredini said that it is just another propaganda of VMRO-DPMNE like the one they used on the 24th of December 2012.

According to Trajko Slavevski, the veto is ungrounded.

"Given the fact that this is the first time to encounter this kind of situation in 24 years of independence, I believe that we will witness similar situations in the future which will obstruct the work of the Finance Minister", stressed Slaveski. (end) Zejnula Veseli.

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Title Annotation:Koha (daily)
Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Date:Dec 2, 2015
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