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One small voice makes a big difference.

Anisa Kintz heard something at school that she didn't like. A kid was saying mean things about someone else.

The kids did not even know each other. But they did have different skin colors. Anisa was upset. She knew that this was racism.

"Racism is when someone says or does something bad to a person whose skin is a different color, just because that person happens to look different," explains Anisa.

Anisa dislikes racism so much that she speaks out against it. She gave her first speech against racism when she was six years old. Since then, she has traveled around the country. She organizes conferences, appears on TV, talks on radio, and gives speeches to big crowds of people.

"I do think the speeches make a difference," says Anisa. "Even if just one person does something about racism, then it was worth it. "

A minister named Martin Luther King, Jr., spoke out against racism, too. Mr. King taught that a person's skin color shouldn't matter. He dreamed of a day when people of different colors would live in peace.

Mr. King is dead now. But people like Anisa keep working toward that dream.

As Anisa says, "You don't have to be old to make a difference. You can be just three years old and go around yelling, `End racism! Stop racism!' You can make a difference, too!"
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Title Annotation:Can-Do Kids; Anisa Kintz fights racism
Author:Hoover, Janet F.
Publication:Humpty Dumpty's Magazine
Date:Jan 1, 1994
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