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One shot, one kill: snipers converge on Benning for competition.

Sniper teams from around the world converged on Fort Benning Nov. 8-15 for the third annual U.S. Army International Sniper Competition.

Twenty-one two-man sniper teams from military units around the world including Germany, Canada and Great Britain competed this year.

The teams came to find out who is "the best of the best," said Captain Joseph K. Dickerson, Sniper School commander.

"Win or lose, we want everybody to walk out of here feeling like they've learned something," Dickerson said. "Of course, the winner will get the bragging rights."

The sniper teams competed in 14 events for the titles of Top Gun and Top Spotter.

The events included:

Known Distance--Competitors were required to fire a rifle at a target 800 meters away.

Stalking event--Competitors had to successfully conceal themselves while engaging targets.

Unknown distance--Snipers were given 10 targets and 30 minutes to estimate the distance of the targets and engage them.

Range estimation--Competitors had to estimate the distance their targets were placed at downrange.

Snaps and movers--Snipers had to fire at pop-up and moving targets. There was also a night iteration of this event.

Alternate shooting positions--Snipers had to fire at targets from different firing positions to include standing, kneeling, sitting and lying on their backs.

10-ring shoot--The sniper fired at targets while the spotter checked his accuracy with binoculars and told him how to adjust his sights.

Keep in Memory (KIMs) game--Each competitor was put under physical stress by doing push-ups, sit-ups and running. They were shown different pictures of targets during each physical event and then required to engage each target by memory.

Cold bore and final shot--This event represented the snipers' motto of "one shot, one kill." Each sniper was given one bullet and one target.

Top Gun and Top Spotter teams

1st place: Sergeant David Kroupa and Specialist Kris Hector

2nd place: Tech Sergeants Edlem Applegate and Michael Walker

3rd place: Staff Sergeant Ryan Yates and Specialist Adam Plumondore

4th place: Senior Airman Brian Deacherage and Tech Sergeant Chad West

5th place: Canadian Corporals Martin Bedard and Sebastian Dube
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