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One screen too many.

Editor-in-chief (digital) Andrew Wallenstein expressed disdain about a new interactive Disney tablet app targeting children. But our readers had mixed feelings about the second-screen experience ("Something Fishy About This 'Mermaid'").

Oh, please. What's next? Bringing your tablet to a play? Watching an interview with Nathan Lane while he's singing onstage? Spare me. You want a second screen, then stay home, watch a DVD and knock yourselves out. A movie does not need "help."--CADAVRA

If the second screen live element is primarily used for second viewings (rather than first run), then I can't see how this is much different than turning on director's commentary or interactive trivia on a Blu-ray or DVD. Only now you can do so without actually stopping the movie or replacing the main audio track. The theater really isn't sacrosanct. We've had a range of theater experiences from arthouse to beer house to drive-ins to Imax to 3D to multiplexes, and all came with their different distractions and overbearing offerings in interaction--food, mind-jangling sound, etc. Second screen live won't be used except for a few movies, in a few theaters. And I think any kind of innovation is fine and dandy as part of the larger evolution and experimentation that has always been the theatergoing experience.--DAVE BAXTER

To which Wallenstein responded:

My fear is that it won't be long before talk of tablets in theaters will seem passe, and exhibitors will be handing out Google Glasses like they were 3D specs. Call me paranoid, but I do think second screen is going to worm its way into theaters in the future. Enjoy the single-screen experience while you still can!

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Date:Oct 1, 2013
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