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One person killed every NINE days in Midlands, says report.

ONE person was killed in a homicide every nine days on average in the West Midlands - the highest rate for four years.

There were 39 homicides - which include cases of murder, manslaughter and infanticide - in the West Midlands from April 2016 to March 2017, according to Office for National Statistics figures. The total of 39 was the highest for the West Midlands since 2012/13.

It meant that the homicide rate was 13.6 cases per million people in the region, higher than the England and Wales average of 12.1 per million.

This works out at a one in 74,000 chance of becoming a homicide victim in the West Midlands during the year.

The highest rate was in South Yorkshire, whose figure was skewed enormously by the addition of the 96 victims of the Hillsborough disaster following the conclusion of the inquests in April 2016, which found they were unlawfully killed.

After South Yorkshire the highest rate was in Greater Manchester.

Across England and Wales there were 709 homicides in the year to March 2017, a 25 per cent increase on the year before.

Excluding the Hillsborough victims the homicide total was 613, an eight per cent rise on the year before.

Nationally men were more than twice as likely as women to be homicide victims.

Last year was the second in a row that the number of men killed in homicides has risen.

Babies less than a year old and young men aged 16 to 24 have the highest homicide rate.

The ONS figures show the relationship of the suspect to the victim tended to vary depending on whether the victim was male or female. Half of female victims aged 16 or over were killed by a current or former partner, compared to just three per cent of male victims.

Adult men were more likely to be killed by a friend or acquaintance (24 per cent of victims compared to 10 per cent for women) and by strangers (22 per cent compared to nine per cent for women).

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Publication:Solihull News (Solihull, Birmingham, England)
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Date:Feb 16, 2018
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