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One of five Garissa abductees found at ATPU headquarters.

One of the five Garissa locals abducted on Monday is being locked up at the Anti-Terror Police headquarters in Nairobi.

The family of Mohamed Yusuf traced him on Tuesday.

The whereabouts of the four others is still unknown. Yusuf is a Madrassa teacher and has been practising for 15 years.

Eight ATPU officers in two Land-Cruiser vehicles stormed the Madrassa at Bulla Sagarey, Wabere East where Yusuf was teaching and arrested him.

They had pistols each. The vehicles had no number plates.

Yusuf was with a co-teacher who was not arrested. He could not speak to the press for fear of reprisal.

Close to 150 students, all minors, were present when Yusuf was nabbed. They were left terrified.

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Yusuf's phone and identification card were confiscated.

According to his wife Fauzia Abdi, Yusuf was taken to Nairobi on Monday night after the arrest.

Abdi made the revelation on Wednesday during a legal aid organised by Muslims for Human Rights at Garissa Library Hall.

'Police in Nairobi told us investigations are ongoing. They did not tell us to know the cause of the arrest,' she said.

Muhuri chairman Khelef Khalifa said police were breaking the law as the suspect has not been arraigned despite spending over 48 hours in custody.

'The constitution provides that after an arrest, one is to be produced in court in the next 24 hours where police will make a request to hold the accused further. This not the case here,' Khalifa said.

Khalifa said there must have been prior intelligence before Yusuf was arrested.

'We don't want to interfere with police work but the manner they are operating is causing more harm. It is aggravating extremism,' Khalifa said.

The chairman said they are not absolving Yusuf of any blame.

At the legal aid, locals complained Department of Military Intelligence and ATPU officers from outside Garissa are terrorizing locals.

Mukhtar Dahir said locals are usually tortured for confession.

Muhuri executive director Hassan Abdille said 12 people have disappeared in Garissa since January this year.

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Publication:The Star (Nairobi, Kenya)
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Date:Feb 27, 2019
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