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One more victory in Megan's long fight.

Byline: By Hayley Beattie

Scan findings show tumour has not grown

Megan Armstrong has won yet another small battle in her fight against a brain tumour after her latest scan showed it had not grown again.

Her parents, Philip and Sandra, said last night they were delighted and relieved by the news but that it was still not time to "pop open the champagne."

Megan, of Castlefields, Prudhoe, Northumberland, has been fighting the tumour ( which is now the size of a small plum ( since she was 14 months old but Friday's scan proved once again chemotherapy continues to keep it at bay.

The six-year-old came to the end of a 52-week course of chemotherapy in June but doctors at Newcastle General Hospital were so pleased with her progress they decided to continue the treatment.

This is the second scan in a row since that decision the tumour has remained unchanged.

The family had feared the worst as Megan had been suffering from severe headaches since her last scan took place in September.

Philip said: "We were so relieved when we got the results because we were very nervous about this scan."

Megan is believed to be the only child in Britain who has remained on this type of chemotherapy for over a year and Philip said he hoped it would continue to work until something else came on the market which could help or even cure her.

"We are 18 months down the line and this treatment is continuing to hold the tumour at bay but it never goes from your mind that it might stop working," he said. "We can't open the bottle of champagne just yet but we have won a small battle and we are going to celebrate that."

The couple will now be taking Megan and her sister Kyra, (corr) two, to Lapland to visit Santa.

Philip said he was amazed by his daughter. "She is incredibly brave," he said. "As she gets older she has realised she is different and not all children have to go to hospital like her, but she is coping with that very well."

However, the family were given some bad news this week when doctors told them her kidneys had been damaged by the first course of chemotherapy she had years ago.

"Apparently the chemotherapy has perforated her kidneys so she now has to take magnesium supplements to try and cope with that," Philip said.

An appeal has been set up in Megan's name and anyone who wants to find out more should call Philip on (07748)911908.
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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Nov 27, 2006
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