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One in the eye for cleanliness problems.

The "unbreakable" wall mounted Emergency Eye/Facewash Fountain STD-45G from Hughes Safety Showers is now available in worktop or pedestal versions. This gives greater flexibility in positioning the unit to ensure even easier and quicker access in the event of an accident.

The unit is a combined eye and face wash, designed for use in the factory or laboratory. A constant supply of clean, cool water is provided to effectively wash away chemicals or loose foreign bodies from the eyes.

It starts automatically when the lid is pulled open and should then be used for a duration of 10 to 15 minutes, and longer if required, in accordance with International Health and Safety recommendations.

The integral lid protects against dust, contaminants and accidental damage and alleviates the need to replace dust caps after use, which in practice never gets done. More importantly, it provides a quick and simple method of activating the unit leaving the hands free to hold the eyes open throughout the washing process.

The worktop model can be placed close to the work area with water and drain connections made through the base of the unit. The pedestal version, available with galvanised or stainless steel pipework, is ideal where wall and worktop space is restricted.

Contact Hughes Safety Showers on tel: 0161 430 6618 or visit:
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Date:Aug 1, 2004
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