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One in five 'car bluffers'.

Byline: By Mail Reporter

ONE in five British men over-estimates his mechanical knowledge and cannot perform the most basic of car checks, according to new research from Vauxhall Motors.

While 94 per cent of men talk the talk and say they are confident about their ability to perform simple car checks, when they are actually put to the test, men fail to perform.

Asked to locate the dipstick in a car engine, a whopping 20 per cent of men got it wrong. One in 10 men mistakenly chose the radiator cap, and one in every 40 men are convinced that the car battery is the engine oil dipstick.

Vauxhall Motors decided to investigate the issue after research revealed that nearly half of the female population (46 per cent) still rely on the men in their lives for simple car maintenance advice because they lack confidence in their own abilities to carry out basic car checks.

Furthermore, 87 per cent of women assume that men know more about car maintenance than them.

However, the research suggests that women should re-think asking their dads, partners and brothers for car maintenance advice.

Despite 73 per cent of men saying they are 'very confident' that they can perform basic car maintenance checks such as checking tyre pressure, checking oil and changing windscreen wiper water, men admit they bluff their car maintenance abilities when it comes to the crunch. A quarter of men (25 per cent) admit to regularly bluffing about their ability under the bonnet suggesting that they are more car bluffers than car buffs. To help female (and male) drivers who don't have the time to learn about car maintenance, Vauxhall Motors is launching a '10 minute car clinic' scheme in selected dealerships, offering basic checks on key vehicle components such as brake fluid, screen-wash and engine oil levels, plus lights, tyres and wiper blades.
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Sep 1, 2006
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