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One freezer--many applications.

Marel--Freezing & Temperature Division in Singapore, with the well renowned Dantech brand launched its patented Superflow Easyclean freezer in 2008, which was first in its field for the new patented impingement system. However, the benefits of the freezer do not end there. The Superflow Easyclean freezer is not only ideal for IQF freezing but it also excels in many other applications.

Crust freezing

Products can be crust frozen prior to the cutting, grinding, portioning process to improve yield, accuracy and to improve overall product quality.

Increasing capacity of existing IQF machine

The Superflow Easyclean Freezer can be placed prior to an existing IQF Freezer to increase the freezing capacity of the processing line.

Deep chilling of products

Products can be deep chilled with an equalised temperature of -1.4[degrees]C. The dehydration losses have been stopped at this temperature and the products are ready for storage and transport to the supermarkets or further processing. Chilled products will have a better appearance when arriving at the supermarkets.

Hardening of partially frozen products

Certain products which have already been partially frozen in a prior process, such as grinded meat, meat patties etc. can be fully frozen to the required -18[degrees]C before packaging and placement into the cold storage.

The Superflow Easyclean has been a popular seller worldwide since its birth 2 years ago. Marel Freezing & Temperature Division has new successfully installed over 30 Superflow Easyclean systems worldwide ranging from standard units to custom made concepts.


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Date:Oct 1, 2010
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