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Glass is never an easy commodity to pack and strap for transport, and the process can be further complicated if manufacturers want it palletised in a number of different ways to meet end user requirements.

When Quinn Glass was looking for a pallet strapping solution in its new purpose-built glass bottle plant in Elton, Cheshire, the company reviewed every make and model of machine on the market. After conducting a detailed analysis of each individual unit's engineering and price, and assessing the availability of local support, the unit that best met its needs was the Cyklop XZE 411-22 compression strapper. Quinn Glass currently has four of these units working at its Cheshire plant.

Cold end project engineer, Cathal Gallagher, decided what Quinn Glass was looking for was a robust system that had a high build quality and was flexible enough to securely strap a number of different pallet formats quickly and efficiently. Before placing the order, he visited a number of other plants where the Cyklop machines were already in operation checking they could meet all the company's varied requirements.

The Cheshire plant manufactures a wide range of bottles of different shapes and sizes for the UK drinks industry, and for economic reasons needs to pack as many of each type on a pallet as possible. This can result in pallets of up to 3,500 glass bottles in nine or 10 layers and up to 2.7 metres in height. And, as all the layers of bottles have between them is a thin pad, the result could be a highly unstable glass mountain if it were not secured properly and able to be moved, stored and transported safely. In addition, many of the company,s customers want the bottles packaged a certain way so they can be de-palletised efficiently and safely in their own filling halls. Thus, any strapping machine must be capable of being quickly adjusted to strap pallets of different sizes and weights.

The Quinn Glass plant in Cheshire, which is a huge investment for the Irish-based Quinn Group on a former power station site, has two glass furnaces that feed 13 production lines. As bottles come off production, they are stacked on to pallets and moved by an automatic shuttle car system to one of the four Cyklop strapping machines, where seven polyester straps are applied to each pallet. Once strapped, some of the pallets are shrink-wrapped for additional stability and protection, and all are taken to the warehouse to await onward transport to customers.

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Date:Nov 1, 2006
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