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One cough cured.

I read your April 21 issue with special interest in Laura Beil's "Throat therapy" article (SN: 4/21/12, p. 22). However, one "cough cause" was left out that most doctors miss. A very important one. I had a chronic cough that steadily worsened to the point that I was unable to sleep without medicine. I casually mentioned the problem to my cardiologist and he immediately said, "You take Altace, an ACE inhibitor, I'll bet that is the problem." My general practitioner agreed that it's a common problem. I promptly stopped my Altace (generic ramipril) and in three days my problem was totally gone. I now take another high blood pressure medicine that works well in its place.

Don Todd, via e-mail
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Author:Todd, Don
Publication:Science News
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Jun 2, 2012
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