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One bee, two bees, three ...


Earlier in the year, researchers in Canberra, Australia discovered that bees aren't just good at making honey--they're good at math, too! Well, not exactly, but they can definitely count. Using a system of tunnels, a team of scientists trained about 20 honeybees to recognize different exits according to how many differently-coloured dots were marked on the holes. They also learned to count the landmarks they passed on their way. They found that the honeybees could recognize and repeat patterns of up to three items (at four items, they got confused). In exchange for learning how to count, the bees got sugar water as a treat. Sweet!
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Title Annotation:Live Wire: from the newsroom to your classroom; research about bees' ability to count
Publication:Kidsworld Magazine
Geographic Code:8AUST
Date:Jun 22, 2009
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