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One PC, ten blown film lines. (Computer Hardware & Software).

New PMS-WTN software from Octagon Process Technology GmbH reportedly can monitor the film thickness on up to 10 blown-film production lines using just one PC. In combination with the two online capacitive thickness measurement systems available with the software, says Octagon, PMS-WTN offers an economic solution for the sophisticated visualization and data management of thickness profiles on a multitude of old and new blown film lines.

With PMS-WIN software, says Octagon, the thickness profile may be presented as a polar or a Cartesian chart. Relevant film data-such as minimum, maximum, and average thickness, tolerances, and standard deviation-are permanently on view. Also featured is the ability to superimpose as many as 10 profiles over a reference profile to clearly indicate changes over a period of time. Further, an additional feature provides a three-dimensional view from different angles, again enabling illustration of long-term changes.

Two measuring systems are available. The ScenEx PA system uses the PMS-A capacitive sensor, which is installed in the collapsing frame and measures while in contact with the film. Said to have a resolution of 0.1 [mu]m, the sensor is suitable for films with a thickness between 6 and 500 [mu]m. The ScenEx PF is a noncontact capacitive system that is said to be particularly suitable for high-grade films that must be free of blemishes. Also with a resolution of 0.1 [mu]m, the PMS-F sensor is reportedly suitable for films between 6 and 300 [mu]m thick.

Octagon Process Technology GmbH, Nurnberger Strasse 119, D-97076 Wurzburg, Germany; tel +49-9 31-27 96 70; fax +49-9 31-27 47 19;; e-mail:

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Title Annotation:computer software from Octagon Process Technology GmbH
Comment:One PC, ten blown film lines. (Computer Hardware & Software).(computer software from Octagon Process Technology GmbH)
Author:Molinaro, Hope
Publication:Plastics Engineering
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Date:Dec 1, 2002
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