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One Hundred Amazing Facts About the Negro, with Complete Proof, I.

In 1670 Virginia passed a law forbidding Negroes from buying white people. This was fifty-one years after the Negro had arrived in chains. Free Negroes bought white people in such numbers in Louisiana that the state made a similar law in 1818.

 Beware the African in his natural state. His thoughts, much
wilder and darker
 than you can imagine, bisect in blood knots in the trigger of his
In the ripe season, his blood will burn hot; each knot coils tight, a
fist inside his body
with rigid animal violence, dark braids of hair. Hope, an ache culled
taut in his throat
will strain to form a black bark of words. Do not attempt to understand
the diction of a Negro;
he wakes in strange tongues and speaks entirely with his body. The Negro
scrawls the language
of the birds, dreams of bold rivers and molten crowns, your blue field
peopled with bucksaw
and bur-heads, your hedges razed with pickaninny, starved black-eyed
Susans. Dark heads teeming,
remembering. Observe the teeth, astonishingly white, as they struggle to
gesture beyond anger.
The Negro will shatter before he is kind. Their women too, like dark
acanthus, bear an
unusual stench, are known to perish without direct sunlight, and
menstruate together. Too loud
and easily provoked, they horde in congregations and spit from vast
distances. All Negroes prefer
to be near the water. If they sense rain, they will swarm, strip naked,
hum, dive, demand to be reborn,
march barefoot through your garden to devour your weeds, to spook and
mark new heirs with venom. 
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Author:Sinclair, Safiya
Publication:Prairie Schooner
Article Type:Poem
Date:Jun 22, 2015
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