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One Day.

 In an argument between the son of Death & the son of Wisdom--
Death's son said the moon would surely appear the following night
Wisdom's son argued it would not The dispute continued until a bet
was agreed that if the moon appeared & Wisdom's son was wrong
he would have to relinquish his use of words If the moon remained hidden
the son of Death would plant an acacia tree in the name of immortality
The son of Wisdom approached his father & the son of Death
approached his father Wisdom told his son he could only win
              for one day Death warned his son to be weary of his
rival's words
As the afternoon approached Wisdom taught his son this song He said he
should release a giant bush rat & simultaneously spread a large
black cloth as a canopy When they met by the riverbank Death's son
pursued the giant rat with relish until ensnaring it As he kindled a
fire to smoke the rat Wisdom's son continued to sing this song
It was now the dead of night & the moon indeed did not appear When
he returned home his father angry his son would have to plant a tree to
immortality asked of the events-- He knew his son was overtaken by song
He said the cloth would eventually rot the veil would be revealed one
day the moon would appear again
He said it was necessary to hear a song-- if only for the one fearless
day in the month 
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Author:Castro, Adrian
Publication:Black Renaissance/Renaissance Noire
Article Type:Poem
Date:Sep 22, 2013
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