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They were the friendliest of Friends ... but now Ross and Rachel are shaping up as the best of enemies.

Fans of the cult Channel 4 comedy are in for a shock tomorrow when Ross (David Schwimmer) snogs another girl.

Worse is to follow next week when he wakes up in a strange bed ... with a strange woman in the bathroom.

Hiding under the duvet does no good - and neither does trying to hide it from everyone else.

Of course, Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) finds out and, of course, she is less than pleased.

TV's perfect couple have been heading for the rocks ever since hunky Mark Robinson gave Rachel the job of her dreams in the fashion biz.

The trouble starts when Rachel has to work late on their anniversary night.

Undeterred, Ross turns up at her office with a picnic ... and almost sets fire to the place.

Back home, they argue - then sulk. Ross meets up with Chandler and Joey at a club, where they are both chasing their No 1 lust object - Chloe, the queen of the photocopier. It turns out Chloe has always fancied Ross and, with him suspecting Rachel is sleeping with Mark, they tumble into bed.

Almost all of next week's episode is taken up with a marathon inquest.

And, while Ross and Rachel slug it out in one room, the other Friends are fighting for a place at the keyhole to listen in.

In tears, Rach tells him: "I used to think of you as somebody who would never ever hurt me - ever."

Is this the end of a beautiful friendship?

You'll have to keep watching to find out ...
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Dingwall, John; Fulton, Rick
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Oct 9, 1997
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