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Once again, UCG leads the pack in Journalism Awards competition.

Setting a record last year by winning nine awards in the Newsletter & Electronic Publishers Foundation's Newsletter Awards competition, UCG this year won the most with five. It was closely followed by Thomson American Health Consultants, with four awards.

HCPro and Thompson Publishing Group each won two.

The seven David Swit Memorial Awards for first-place in each of the categories went to seven different companies.

"Far superior job"

Jury chair Jim Marshall said, "For more than 10 years, I've headed the NEPF journalism awards committee, and while I look back fondly on the good old days, the current crop of newsletter reporters and editors are doing a far superior job to what we did 10, 20 and 25 years ago.

"There is no comparison in quality. The writing is sharper and tighter and the articles are better written," he said.

"One important criterion is always: What is the importance or value of the article to the reader of the newsletters? As judges, we try to put ourselves in the position of the reader.

"Will this story help him to do a better job, will it make him take some action, will it alert him to some problem or difficulty his organization or business faces, will it help the reader to solve problems?

"Another important criterion is: How much original reporting went into the story? Did the reporter do a lot of digging, or was most of the story based on a report or study that someone else had done?" Marshall said.

He also noted that for the first time in the history of the awards, a first-place was given to a publication delivered electronically, Warren Communication's Washington Internet Daily/Communications Daily.

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* Best Spot-News or Exclusive Single News Story

1st Place: Washington Internet Daily/Communications Daily, Warren Communications News

2nd: CCH Tax Briefing, CCH Incorporated

3rd: Jane's Defence Weekly, Jane's Information Group

Honorable Mention: Institutional Investor News, Corporate Financing Week

* Best Investigative Reporting

1st: Part B News, UCG

2nd: Mine Safety and Health News, Legal Publication Services

3rd: HIS Insider Weekly, UCG

* Best Interpretive or Analytical Reporting

1st: Business Mailers Review, Segwick Publishing Company

2nd: Regulatory Risk Monitor, UCG

3rd: Michael Pollack's Gaming Industry Insider, Gaming Industry Observer

Honorable Mention: AIDS Alert, Thomson American Health Consultants

* Best Instructional Reporting

1st: Healthcare Life Safety Compliance, HCPro Inc.

2nd: Harvard Men's Health Watch, Harvard Health Publications

3rd: ED Legal Letter, Thomson American Health Consultants

Honorable Mentions: Healthcare Auditing Strategies, HCPro Inc.; and Regulatory Risk Monitor, UCG

* Best Financial Advisory Newsletter

1st: The Complete Investor, TCI Enterprises Inc.

2nd: The Investment Reporter, MPL Communications Inc.

3rd: Forbes/Wolfe Nanotech Report, Forbes Newsletter Group

Honorable Mentions: Personal Finance, KCI Communications Inc.; Louis Rukeyser's Wall Street Week, Financial Service Associates Inc.; and Richard E. Band's Profitable Investing, Phillips Investment Resources LLC

* Best Single-Topic Newsletter

1st: Emergency Medicine Reports, Thomson American Health Consultants

2nd: Bowman's Accounting Report, Hudson Sawyer

3rd: Special Report: What Employers Need to Know about Proposed Changes to DOL's White-Collar Exemption Rules, Thompson Publishing Group

* Best Looseleaf Publication

1st: The Health Care Services Acquisition Report, Irving Levin Associates Inc.

2nd: The JCAHO Success Guide, UCG

3rd: BioWorld's State of the Industry Report 2003, Thomson Bioworld American Health Consultants

Honorable Mention: Fair Labor Standards Handbook, Thompson Publishing Group Inc.
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