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Once Upon A Time Season 2, Episode 13: Is 'the biggest bombshell yet' about Baelfire? [PHOTOS].

Once Upon A Time Season 2, Episode 13 ("Tiny")

is mostly a build-up into Rumplestiltskin's search for his long lost son, Baelfire. Rumple will get busy with his revenge against Hook, Cora and Regina later. The re-appearance of Anton the Giant (guest star Jorge Garcia) seems to be a neat trick to distract the viewers prior to a surprise Rumple-related twist coming up. Meantime, the burning question blazes more intensely than ever: Is Baelfire Henry's father, or is he Neal's father (which would make him Henry's gramps)?

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OUAT Season 2 Burning Questions: Is Baelfire Henry's father? How old is he now?

Baelfire was granted by the Blue Fairy a bean that took him to a land without magic. That was ages ago, when Rumple was only getting the hang of (dark) magic - way before the vengeful Evil Queen Regina laid upon Fairy Tale Land the Dark Curse. Neal, Henry's dad, appears to be slightly older than Emma, but not old enough to be Baelfire himself.

Then again, when August/Pinocchio pretended to be Baelfire to trick Rumple, the old man nearly believed him. Rumple thought Bae must've jumped through space and time when he was "transported" via the Magic Bean. It must be noted, too, that Captain Hook did not seem to have aged much since taking off with Baelfire's mother. Hook had used another one of the previous beans that took him to another land(s).

Once Upon a Time Season 2: Baelfire, Baelfire, where are you?

In the premiere episode of OUAT Season 2, the yet-to-be introduced Neal Cassady (Michael Raymond-James) is seen receiving in New York City a mysterious postcard with only "Broken" written on it. It is later learned that August/Pinocchio sent him the postcard after explaining to him that Emma has some job to do in Storybrooke. Now Rumple has learned his son Baelfire is in New York.


can't be just a coincidence, can it?

At the end of the episode, viewers heard OUAT is about to deliver its "biggest bombshell yet." If this isn't about Baelfire, there will be massive disappointment among the fans of the series. Then again, Neal being Bae wouldn't be as surprising, either.

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In Once Upon A Time Season 2, Episode 14 ("Manhattan"), Baelfire will be seen again. Now this is one episode that fans should not miss.

"What happened to Bae is definitely one of the dangling threads of the season and we would be [very disappointed] if I had to wait more than a season to find out [what has happened to him]," OUAT co-creator Edward Kitsis told The Hollywood Reporter back in July last year.


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