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Onboard weighing system delivers instant, accurate data.

A new onboard weighing system for large hydraulic mining excavators and shovels promises accurate and instant haul truck payload weight data to help mining operations increase productivity, while reducing operational costs. The new LOADRITE X2650 onboard weighing system for excavators ranging from 200 to 800 tons provides real-time visibility of payload monitoring and optimal payload distribution to within [+ or -] 3% accuracy in a wide range of demanding operating conditions. The X2650's ability to deliver accurate payload weight information to the operator for every bucket of material before it is loaded into the haul truck is what makes it stand out from other products, according to LOADRITE Product Manager, Excavator Series, Gordon Hain.

"Until now, most mining operations have relied on haul truck payload measurement systems (TPMS) to measure payload weight. But the payload data is not provided until several seconds after the bucket has been dumped into the truck and loading conditions can distort the accuracy of this measurement. More accurate TPMS data is only available after the truck has left the load out location, and is hundreds of yards down the haul road," said Hain. Because TPMS systems are based on measuring suspension gas strut pressures, the maintenance of the suspension components is critical to maintain accurate payload measurement from TPMS. This requires a rigorous maintenance plan and adhering to it, which is not always the case, he added.

The result of TPMS feedback to the operator of the excavator/shovel is a flat payload distribution curve for the fleet with the mean not matched with the target payload. "By then, precious time has been wasted if you discover the truck is over or under loaded. In contrast, using the X2650, which is fitted to the excavator/shovel, operators can accurately measure each bucket load of material before it is put into the truck. This puts the power back into the hands of the operator, allowing them to make better decisions," said Hain.

"The X2650 is a dynamic in-motion weighing system, which means it measures the payload during the loading procedure, thereby having no impact on the loading time. This maximizes overall productivity as it reduces under loading trucks or the need for trucks to return to the face if they've exceeded the over load capacity. The result is a payload distribution curve centered on the target payload with low variance.

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Publication:Coal Age (1996)
Date:Aug 1, 2013
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