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On-line weight measurement & control.

The Ohmart Corporation offers a complete family of on-line weight measurement and control systems for nonwoven web manufacturing and converting. Designed to reduce product weight variability, Ohmart systems lead to tighter control of the process which delivers a variety of benefits, such as better quality, increased yield, reduced scrap and faster product changeover. Typical applications include thermal bond, spunbond, needled, calendered wetlaid, etc. Ohmart's Unity Response [TM] line of sensors insures accurate, repeatable measurements throughout a wide range of natural and synthetic fibers by dramatically reducing, if not totally eliminating, the need for customer calibration.

ConceptOnel [R], the newest gauging system from Ohmart, is a PC based system that combines an Intel 486 platform with IBM's OS/2 operating system. The design philosophy departs from the traditional "Black Box" approach of custom hardware and software that is often inflexible and expensive to maintain. Through utilization of "off the shelf" hardware and software, ConceptOne sets new standards in nonwoven web measurement.

Touchscreen operation promotes easy and efficient operator interaction (mouse, trackball and keyboard are available).

Simple self-explanatory icons guide you through the system and add a new meaning to the term user friendly. You can completely customize all operator screens to suit your needs. Standard displays include cross web profiles, machine direction profiles, trends, and reports. SPC data and charts are readily available through a vadety of console displays. An internal hard disk archives all raw data in an ASCII file for future reference which elimiates the need for off-line data storage devices.

Modem communications, present on all Ohmart systems, provide a new level of support, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This feature eliminates the need for many on-site service calls through remote execution of a complete range of diagnostic and support capabilities.

Ohmart's wide spectrum of sensors makes ConceptOne ideally suited for the nonwoven manufacturer and converter interested in web measurement and control. You can choose from Beta, Gamma, X-ray, Air Caliper, or IR technologies to match the correct sensor with your application to achieve optimum web process control.

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Date:May 1, 1993
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