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On-line, automated Brinell testing.

On-line Automatic Brinell Optical Hardness Testing Systems, introduced by Tinius Olsen Testing Machine Co Inc, are significantly advancing productivity through advanced optical and microprocessor technology. The automated systems allow rapid-sequence tests of material hardness, instead of the conventional approach of making test impressions manually and then measuring them with hand-held microscopes.

The automated Air-O-Brinell DS/AOB System positions an indenter over the surface to be tested, moves it to the indent position via an air piston, and applies a 3000 kg test force via a standard 10 mm carbide ball. After indentation, diameter sensing of the impression takes place automatically. The system's mini TV camera furnishes data on the edges of the test impression to a microprocessor, which calculates the average diameter based on edge differential differences of the test indentations. Proponents claim that the automated system is unbiased and much more precise than using traditional hand-held microscopes and enables process adjustments to be made quickly, assuring more timely process control.

The diameter, hardness value, and an enlarged image of the indentation are displayed within two seconds on a computer monitor at the operator station and are sent to the main computer for processing and inclusion in certified tests.

With the automated test system, quality inspectors know, within the time it takes to produce two or three pieces, whether or not the process must be adjusted to meet Brinell requirements. Because all test results can be sent directly to a company's mainframe computer, management has a much better handle on how the facility is operating. Thus, SPC and documentation requirements are also enhanced.

The first system of its kind was installed at the Lukens Steel Co rolling mill facility in Conshohocken, PA, more than a year ago. Since that time, systems have gone into the Taylor Wharton Co, Harrisburg, PA, at its production plant for high pressure gas cylinders, and at NRC Corp in Newton, MA.

Tinius Olsen Testing Machine Co Inc, Willow Grove, PA, circle 286.
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Title Annotation:Technology Update; Tinius Olsen Testing Machine Company Inc.
Publication:Tooling & Production
Date:Dec 1, 1992
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