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On-Line Testing Symposium: Proceedings.


On-line testing symposium; proceedings.

International On-Line Testing Symposium (11th: 2005: Saint Raphael, France)

Computer Society Press


294 pages




Thirty-two papers and 11 posters from a July symposium are collected here, in sections on fault effects and self-checking techniques, BIST techniques, technology robustness, memory reliability challenges, soft errors and latchup mitigation, and secure circuits. Other topics are analog circuit dependability, reliable systems, dependability analysis, SER trends, and checkers and error correction. Specific topics include reliability issues for embedded SRAM at 90nm and below, test challenges for 3D circuits, combinational logic soft-error analysis, and online error detection in wireless RF transmitters using real-time streaming data. There is no subject index.

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Title Annotation:International On-Line Testing Symposium (11th: 2005: Saint Raphael, France)
Publication:SciTech Book News
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Sep 1, 2006
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