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On track.

Capability: HourGlass version 3.5 tracks expenses in order to manage a project, track expenses, or create reports. The software is for engineers who primarily bill on a time and materials basis. Companies that use the web-based software pay to access their data and the application online. The application's front-end contains all functions regular employees will need to provide detailed tracking of their time, report expenses, view their tasks and deadlines, and report when tasks are completed. Administrators can use the back end to manage that data, create projects, define tasks, assign deadlines, and generate reports.

Hardware: PC with Internet access.

Developer: HourGlass, 372 SteCatherine West, Suite 320, Montreal Quebec, Canada H3B 1A2; (514) 739-2461; fax (514) 739-6121;

Cost: $15 per month for monthly subscription; $120 for annual subscription. or circle 71

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Date:Sep 1, 2011
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