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On to the Fitness Farm!

The clock is ticking, kids! The 1997 Tulip Time Scholarship Games are just around the corner!

The event will be held Saturday, April 26, at the Fitness Farm in Indianapolis. Kids will come from all over to compete for college scholarships and share a day of fitness and fun! The events will include:

* Tremendous Tree Scholarship Event (see page 18)

* Mr. Bones Skeleton Scholarship Event (see page 19)

* Footraces

* Predicted Time Race

* Target Tennis

* Hot-Foot Soccer

* Hot-Shot Basketball

* Accu-Shot Golf

* The President's Challenge

* Moms' Scholarship Race

* Dads' Scholarship Race

* Scholarship Spelling Bee

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Look for this "tree"-mendous new event at the Fitness Farm! Participants will walk the one-mile trail and stop at each flagged tree. There, they will identify the tree and correctly spell its name.

The trees will be divided into two groups. Kids eight and under will identify the trees on the front nine. Kids nine to twelve will identify the trees on both the front nine and the back nine. The trees that are not yet in leaf will have clues attached to them. The clues may include pictures of seeds, flowers, or leaves.

To practice for this event, check with your local library for books that will help you learn to identify the trees below.


Front Nine

1. Dogwood 2. Oak 3. Blue Spruce 4. Austrian Pine 5. Catalpa 6. Birch 7. Maple 8. Cherry 9. Hickory

Back Nine

10. Sweet Gum 11. White Pine 12. Norway Spruce 1 3. Apple 14. Crab Apple 15. Weeping Willow 16. Pear 17. Hawthorn 18. Tulip
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