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On the weigh to a perfect figure; INSIDE OUT.

WE'VE all heard of following the Yellow Brick Road to realise and find happiness.

I guess if it worked for Judy Garland. . . Hang on, it didn't did it?

Anyway, after the Yellow Brick Road or the Great White Way, we're now invited to try the Wibbly Wobbly Weigh.

All you need is a rudimentary grasp of how traffic lights work, a fridge and lots of magnets. Maureen Roberts, founder of Wibbly Wobbly Weigh, has come up with what she describes as an "unbelievably simple approach" to weight loss while maintaining a healthy diet. It's all as a result of her own despair, she says.

At least we know even if it doesn't work for us, Maureen has suffered for all sufferers. I'm always suspicious when someone claims that they've developed a "revolutionary" diet system, but we'll let her off as it's early in the column.

She claims her Traffic Light Diet is a visual Food Awareness Training System. You use a fridge magnet (or tile) to show exactly what portion to eat and it is colour coded for an easy health-rating guide.

Maureen says: "After years of failed diets and health problems I needed a simple, no excuses, common sense approach to dieting. "I had tried every diet imaginable. They all started off well, but none of them really provided me with an understanding of the fundamentals of a healthy diet. It was also to easy to find excuses and avoid the inquisition at the next diet club meeting."

Thus Maureen tried working out a system that would be easy to use, educational, and, by supplying a visual reference, make it awkward to fool herself she was eating correct portions.

Hence the Traffic Light Diet, which was so successful in her case that she developed it further. Working with a local design consultancy (well, makes a change from dieticians), Maureen's idea was tested successfully over several months under controlled conditions.

One test dieter, Josie, says: "Losing weight has been a major concern for many years, but never have I stuck to a diet like this one. I have shed two stone and am still losing weight, but I've never felt so healthy.

BECAUSE it's such a visual system I learnt the food values so quickly. If you do slip a little, you don't need to re-join your slimming club, you just simply place (the magnet) back on the fridge and start again."

Even Ms Roberts admits that not everyone tested needed to lose as much weight as Josie, but she feels everyone achieved and maintained a much healthier, balanced diet.

The Traffic Light Diet is available via mail order on 01606 351943 or on-line at:

www. trafficlightdiet. com

IT'S OFFICIAL - many of us are sad. A new survey reveals that a record number of people are presently suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

More than 47pc of the nation have the winter blues or SAD - a condition triggered by a lack of natural light and characterised by anxiety, sleep problems and a lack of libido.

The Gallup research also indicated that the condition was more common amongst women than men.

Experts believe that the tragic events of September 11 are responsible for the problem. According to psychiatrist Dr David Wheatley, the terrorist attack on New York has had a significant effect on the nation's overall mood.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Nov 27, 2001
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