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So what do YOU think? Join the debate at ... Holmfirth campaigners call for Tesco plan withdrawal Weezey: "I wonder if this development was being proposed by a business like Waitrose or M&S would there be the same opposition? The minority of nimbys and snobs who shout very loud about how 'special' Holmfirth is need to take their rose-tinted specs off. It is a dump. There is nothing special here just another rundown market town. This is my home town and a place I was once proud to say I live. Let's see some investment into the town and start the economic growth beginning with Tesco and the 175 jobs that it will bring . The Co-op has had a throttle hold on the locals for far too long so it will be nice to shop somewhere affordable with choice." Westonbill: "We have recently had a brochure from a local coach company here in Somerset which offers a four day visit to York with daily excursions. One day they invite us to visit TV sites Last Of the Summer Wine, Emmerdale and Heartbeat country. Local people need more facilities than the place just looking pretty (ish)."

anneb: "Well let's see if the council does a U-turn. Tesco can always take its business elsewhere and what is going to replace the loss of possible employment to the area? They do well to remember they would have no business without the people who live there and their wishes should be taken into consideration as well. The local shops haven't done much for the area and, as for tourists, it's not been built in Holmfirth centre itself.

Tradders: "The hypocrisy of these people is mind blowing. Totally unelected, why do they speak on behalf of the valley residents? Remember in 2009 when Tesco lodged their first proposal? They at least had the honesty to call themselves Holmfirth Against Tesco. They say they would welcome a Tesco in the town centre in the absolute knowledge that no suitable site exists. From being opposed to any supermarket development they suddenly made a U-turn and supported the Lidl proposal.Their stance is a fine example of nimbyism. I elect my councillors and MP to speak for me and if I don't like what they say I at least have the opportunity to express my views at election time. These Keep Holmfirth Special people have absolutely no mandate to speak for the rest of us valley residents" markmyword49: "What exactly are KHS proposing should happen to the Midlothian site if Tesco (or any other retail outlet) don't build on it? What is so special about Holmfirth town centre? Over the years I've visited I've seen it become more and more rundown and tatty."
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Apr 5, 2012
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